sunnuntai 4. tammikuuta 2009

porsche 911 motors, aarnio racing & big mistakes

ok, i got back my 2520 cc six, in a really bad shape from aarnio racing.
maybe ill take it apart and check aarnio racings mistakes with the assembly, it only took 4 years to get the engine back. its basically a 66mm s-model crank, with S-rods, carrera 90 mm pistons and cylinders. some 46mm intake valve heads, the cams: they are many other parts as well. huh huh. well if ill have some vacation i´ll tear it apart. and with one "2.4 E-engine" i might get one working engine to my 912.

btw, if you need a working 1720 cc 912 engine, let me know. its for sale.

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