sunnuntai 25. joulukuuta 2011

merry x-mas to you!

...and a hippy new year! ;-)
i really hope that 2012 will be a excellent one. 
this year 2011 was not the best of the best one... 
...but some parts were good and some bad

perjantai 23. joulukuuta 2011

fooks detailing

even this didnt go so well, the result was pretty ok.
the paint wasnt so dry when i took the wheel at home, 
so theres some flaws :-( but the ghia looks good anyways.
i think it looks just the way that it should be. :-)

keskiviikko 14. joulukuuta 2011

stance-polizei is in da house!

the fooks fakes are just great, especially in "detailed" mode.
the front is too narrow for my taste, and its so low that 
...well its too low to drive, as much as i do
have to think a bit, ...let it speak to me...
the rear is next. have to detail the rest of the wheels.
and i have to put the engine also to the ghia.
the 2012 cruiser will be this one. and the race car, the black one.
thats a plan. veljekset hamara panel van will be sleeping... (in 2012)

( have to make some detailing, to the rears too...) to choose...

17 inch AR torques, would be cool also. ;-)

but ill run the "classsics"

is it too low or not?

lauantai 3. joulukuuta 2011

ghia update!!!! - Darth Wader is back!

The ex-sony-explod - ghia is back! 
and it looks pretty awesome! the (weld magnum) wheels looks good, 
with that black the red-white (TMI) interior,
and the oatmeal ( carpeting. 

the wheels ... looks almost too good to drive in the streets?

mighty fine ... wow!

Paruzzi oatmeal carpeting, Gene Berg shifter, 
...but othervise mostly stock-look.

is it running? or the tires have to be smoking... :-)

looks great! that thing doesn´t need a wing.

ok, the tires are a bit skinny, but so what. 

theres some hardcore technic in here!

the seats are loose, and the door panels are off.

the stance police "sez" HELL YES!

torstai 1. joulukuuta 2011

ghia update - the INNO things. :-)

(inside joke) but the ex-sony-exploid ghia is pretty much coming together...
its currently in the interior shop, but in good hands. 
i´ll put some picks of the metamorphosis... in here...

the show years... with some serious equipment...

but that was in the wrong end... this is my first "better" ghia.

in the wasa-years it even went to the strip...

my vision was to make the body black, 
with red and white interior... with new 1 original type wiring 
(compared to the x3 wiring that was found in the car) 
stereo parts off, and a more street racer attitude.
... show and go. but needs to be a driver.
... so take the ghia and take off allmost everything

it looked partially nice, when it was just washed, but 
it really wasnt... :-) trust me.

heavy loudspeakers, heavy boxes...

aaaahhh... theres some nice wiring.

and some foam, everywhere... no wonder the 
door locks didnt work so well....

its been a while... jimi was pretty small boy...

...and sometimes even sleeped pretty well...



even better!

one idea... not bad... suits you sir.

off to ohkola ranch. for some body repairs...

and for some paint...

... think after, why we just didnt re-wire it again, etc...
repair the bad parts and ....

ok, not the option in this case.

the king of ohkola - mika särkelä :-)

mika is pretty good with the sheet metal...

the colour seems to be changing...

darth wader is in the house!

flat black - is allways IN

but so is this too...

the inspector sez YES!

i say the same!

at sepänkatu...

kawell turbo came from waasa...

maybe if i could use the 912 engine instead?

looks like a car...

this will be the looks... mr sippo is giving a hand.

yeas... looks good!

and topped with some weld wheels...

this would be a good looking car.
and from the beginning, i´ve had the idea 
that it has to have a seat for jimi.

kawell, with 2332 cc...

from this point the car was trailered to Kangasniemi, to pekka laitinen,
and now its changing from a "lay-out" to reality...and a street car, i hope...
 its getting there, stay tuned...  :-) 

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