maanantai 30. elokuuta 2010

christmas coming early? part 5 - digging deeper to the core.

ok, so far things are looking better...JE pistons, pauter rods, Pauter or moldex crank, everything looks clean & very nicely glued with some kind of cement... and now the engine turns it would be best to put it back in one piece... ;-)

keskiviikko 25. elokuuta 2010

christmas coming early? part 5 - deeper inspection.

1 head off!, ok, no pauter cylinders BUT autocrafts, looks like there is pauter steel rods, which is cool....and i´n not sure, but there might be a pauter crank, it sure looked tough, the valves are 48x40mm rockers are Gene berg...

maanantai 23. elokuuta 2010

christmas coming early? part 5 - the inspection.

I´m forced to tear the engine apart, just in case... and in the same time its good to check what was said and what was delivered...

Description: This motor is 86x94, comp e\'s, k800\'s , tappet cam, hybrid turbo, Holley 750, fan shroud, wet sump with custom 3 qt sump,pauter rods, 2.1 rod journals, wisecos, pauter barrels, very fast. Laid down a 6.02 @118 in the eighth. just freshened up with new rod bearings. Comes with tilton dual disc setup. made 480rwhp @ 28lbs on Paradise Chassis dyno..

1. wheres the wastegate? (frank told after i bought and payed the engine that the wastegate is not thats why he used a saw to take it off :-( so no wastegate. )

2. wheres the PAUTER BARRELS? (these are autocraft barrels, and the pistons seems to be stuck) just freshened up with new rod bearings. (it should read...just freezed up)

3. whats next...what pistons, what rods, what cam...?

stay tuned...

perjantai 20. elokuuta 2010

christmas coming early? part 5

Hell yeah! i´ve got a 607 hp panel van now... (in theory) ;-)
525 hp in the trunk + 82 hp in the enginebay. ;-)
But seriously, i picked up the pauter small block (86x94) from the customs. and it looks great,
i allmost would like to take the panlevans engine out and put this in....but then the panelvan would be paralyzed, so im going to carefully dismantle the "sleeping terrorizer" and check out the that it will not self destruct, when i want to drive it. ;-)
i would have a set of 101.6 Pistons and cylinders, as well some autocraft 910 heads for get "more" of this combo, but lets take a look first whats inside... ;-)

stay tuned...

torstai 19. elokuuta 2010

wheel swapping in espoo...

we swapped some wheels to Mika´s 1960 bus... the 5-spokes are a bit too normal in busses, but why not? they were sitting allready in mika´s oval, it wasnt an easy task, for many reasons, but at least the rear ones are in their place.... what else?

hmmm...tonight we are starting to move some stuff to Vantaa, huh huh...

tiistai 17. elokuuta 2010

first 7 sec. BUG

7.98 @ 175.37mph, attained during the 08/13/2010 event for the West Coast Hot Rod Association, at Speedworld Dragstrip, in Wittmann, AZ.

perjantai 13. elokuuta 2010

friday 13th - pauter - turbo terror @ the customs.

ok, this is the part 2 of the friday 13th,
i got a call, emails, bills etc... and now the Pauter engine waits for the pick up...
looks like everyone else is going to the scc 2010 at norway except me...
BUT i can try to live with that because my Super-motor might be at the sepänkatu garage in the same time when the others are on the scc. DAMN this is a great day!
next week will be pretty damn interesting. and Special thanks goes to "Super Arska" in California...for picking up the engine and shipping it to finland. yeeeeeha!

FRIDAY 13th, my lucky day! part 1

well i got the harley inspected today & finally registered to Finland. its been 5 years since i bought it to Helsinki from Auto Lipp / germany... Have to say that after all the misery, now when its legal to ride it, it feels worth every penny. (ok it has been swallowing a s..t load of money) The best part that everything is in the papers.... hard tail, 184 cm wheelbase, 27% changed parts...everything... and special thanks goes again to the marvelous Nitro-breathing Juho Rouhu, from spok motors... if you have choppers in mind call to him. he is a true artist, and he keeps his promises. that was the friday 13 - part 1.

and i thought only old v-dubs are bad... ;-)

well i still wouldn´t change my panelvan to a ferrari 360 ;-) panel wants to make curves in a straight highway...

sunnuntai 8. elokuuta 2010

dailydriver panel van

because of one drunken 17 years old rastafar-idiot, our grocery-getter audi is at a paint going to the country is taken care with the twilight bros panel... and why not, its inspected and everything... works like a clock. ok the temperature was over 30 degrees c, so its pretty melting hot in the cabin... ( the "slim boy" is my brother - arttu ;-)...
we were waiting for some thunder and lightning show from the sky, but it never came at the country... but in the city it started to look different... :-)

fun in finn - "vw show"

i checked out the vw fun in finn in oittaa, and i have to say that it was a bit like turning a time machine 20 years back. i dont know but there wasn´t that many of really cool cars in there, ok, there was many original style with some small mods, but nothing for the hard core guys. :-(
it was a ok evening but i prefer more krem-a-que or similar happenings... this was a bit lame for me. ok, check out the pics.