lauantai 19. huhtikuuta 2014

German car show @ kangasniemi

We came to pick up mikas 1960 kastenwagen from pekka laitinen's place, and mika' s son casimir bought his first car, a wbx bug! Now we are learning him to drive a vw lupo in the cottage. Its a great trip. I saw my dear project cars, and drove the wbx bug. Let the picks tell the story...

maanantai 14. huhtikuuta 2014

Brake repair - backwoods engineering ;-)

The last drum to beat :-) getting better, and possibly... Will stop when in need. 
Now the adjustment parts moves easily, and everything seems to be in order, except the brake line, which is too short, now i will remember to take the longer 24 cm line.
And like in one picture you can see also the brake-fluid pouring... That was a stupid mistake, :-/
Next will be the pedal "workout" + change the other emergency brake wire...

tiistai 8. huhtikuuta 2014

My new bearings just arrived!

And they are Super expensive! 194 euros with shipping, for the scat 84 crank with porsche bearings, but in 0.75 size. But now we are getting somewhere!  The bearings came from 
Looks like there could be a stroker longblock more this summer? 

torstai 3. huhtikuuta 2014

You need some welding? Autopelti hytöset oy

Well a new GOOD contact for me was this autopelti hytöset, in konala (helsinki)! 
The inspector found a rust spot In the panelvan from the bottom, (check the picture) and due to the lack of welding equipment, i asked the job from this company... They promised to do it fast, and for the right price... so now the panelvan is ready for the inspector for that part!

Have to say that the guy behind the desk has many old vw's so its a safe place to take your vw.
Thanks for the good job!

Fixing things at nummi-pusula...

Repairing the bus...

For the inspection. Theres some problems to be taken care of, like the rust hole in the bottom, hand brake adjustment, blinkers, some "gap" in the steering etc...

Looks sunny but it was only 2 degrees celsius...