lauantai 5. toukokuuta 2012

the first cruising night - helsinki 2012

cool chevy stw

tasty charger

hmmm, THE ugly one ;-) sweet in a way.

ooooh, i want one...

tomi asikainen´s 12 sec. bug.

absolutely biuuuuutiful!

like my brothers duster... they are beautifull cars.

classic rod, ...from tomahawk town?

tough charger


check out this tubbed camaro...

darth wader is in da house?


one car that i want in this life... a plymouth prowler...

...this clown was a bit spooky... ;-)

pretty awesome cars - even the weather was a bit chilly. the best looking cars for my eyes this time was, a dodge rat pickup, a totally black vette, one plymouth prowler, and... special honours goes to tomi asikainen, bringing up his stroker street race bug. :-) ...its funny how much tourists there is checking the cars at kauppatori. maybe we (me and the co-pilot JIMI) are participating next time with a ghia vert?

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