sunnuntai 27. syyskuuta 2015

Power to the people -The Bus Engine is almost ready

After the fast cruise with silver "that sun" we headed to the garage to see my project engine.
theres nothing really special in it, but some parts that i have managed to collect, a new stroker block from, a new FK8 cam, a old 84 Scat, + old school porsche H-profile rods, aa-perf 94 p/c kit,    11,5 C/R, E85 sipping... old race super flows from a 11 sec race bug, manifolds from ...and from the Lauffers / vwparadise i got these 48 mm butterflies with the air cleaners etc...

now i need a good flowing exhaust, plus some minor parts... but looks like there will be a potent Bus-motor to really get the panel van moving. and because of the fact that these are not the all out parts that i would have, i would guess that this might be the engine that could be driven, even in the traffic jams. hope so. got to get jimi from the school someday. :-)

That sun - or the evil Datsun from the rising sun...

i got picked up from home with this old Datsun, a 12 sec Datsun to be precise, 
and have to admit that this baby really pulls hard, ...
it left me with a strange but great feeling. a feeling of easiness and 
the power of modern technology. this thing really pulllllls. 
if i won in lottery, i would buy it straight away. 
old school look, with a modern engine, wow. 

sorry no other details of it. :-)

lauantai 26. syyskuuta 2015

lesson learned - how to ruin your sad economy.

Heck, sometimes you just do things pretty wrong... like tonight. first i went to this VW happening  at Rausjärvi, i took some pictures of the cars, as can see, many type 2´s... which was great to see... but after an hour thought it would be better to go the cottage to fix my cars i left, the weather was nice but it was bit late ... I was at the cottage but the sun was going down, so i just fixed some smaller things... like cleaning VW heads, ok, i thought it would be great to ride my harley back home, even it started to be a bit colder, went to buy some gas, and started to ride back home... it was pretty dark and i was getting colder all the time. ok the trip went pretty good, the Harley likes a bit colder weather, everything was fine... until made a decision to drive the Kehä II (ring road) ... i´ve been very busy to be focused for everything what happens in my back in I'm pretty suspicious about the other commuters on the road... (pretty much best way to keep alive while riding a motorcycle) but when i was at the matinkylä area, i had to enter the road to Helsinki city and i accelerated to the highway with the intention to brake and get to my lane, like a normally do, and i spotted a motorcycle officer in between the lanes...damn, i checked the speedo, and it looked like i was at the safe speed of 80 kilometres per hour... ok no worries then i saw another officer, but thought that huh, that was pretty close, and after that i saw many cars pulled off for speeding, huh, that kept me in a stable 80 km/h range. BUT suddenly there was blue lights behind me, and i was pulled busted. First i thought that this couldn't be correct, i was riding 80. but the officer told me that i was riding 113 km/h. strange.
Heh, i didnt see that happening but while accelerating, in the second gear that might happen. i was more occupied to get the bike in the right lane... but can't say really that i did that on purpose, because i really don't enjoy riding a harley at the night time too fast, the way the wind grabs you at the 120 km/h in a naked bike with a drag bar, well if you have been riding one, you know what i mean. and Harleys are for me a stress relief, i just normally ride in the same speeds that normal cars will drive.

Heh, I'm happy that the bike is actually in the same shape it was at the inspection, every thing is in the papers, but the papers are at home...  ok i got a ticket, under 300 euros. its a pretty big fee  for this, because i only get a under 700 euros in a month, have two kids and my medical bills are pretty big + the days at the hospital will cost me pretty much compared to the income. 

ok the lesson? FIRST watch it...don't be speeding. SECOND put warmer clothes on, because i was so cold that it makes you want to get to the home faster. THIRD, be more sharp of your speed, and if theres not so much traffic like it was in that moment, think before you DO. 

Great thing was that the Officer was a nice guy, and everything went fast and without any other hassle or bad attitude (... i was the one that broke the rules... ) and why not, i wasn't against anything, i think i will be remembering this thing... strange that i just thought today that where are the officers nowadays, because i don't see them anymore watching the traffic. heh, now i know know.

the best thing is that i still have my permission to drive. :-) ok, now to the bed, tomorrow will be better. got to spare some money for the fee though. Money that i never had in the first place.

Still... nothing beats that great sound of that v-twin.

perjantai 25. syyskuuta 2015

Länsiuusimaa syyskauden avajaiset 25-27.9 Rausjärvi.

OK, heres couple of pictures of this happening, some nice type 2´s, and one pretty awesome synchro off-roader, and some bugs of course. food, drinks, lottery and this normal stuff. next time i will be earlier on the move, :-)

a great vw-scene day!

i went to get the panel van inspected today, but i didn't go as planned, and the reason was that the mechanic ( me, myself & i) made a mistake, ....first i had two spacers in the rear brake in wrong places, so i had to fix those at Kottens garage, ok it didn't take that long at all, but the reason for NOT to get the van inspeccted properly was that i never actually adjusted the parking brakes at all, so pulling the lever didn't make much of braking. that was one thing.... the second thing was that the rear wheel was oily, so the inspector thought it will slip oil, even the rear brakes were working like they should. ok i only have to clean the wheels inside and adjust the parking brakes... that will do the trick.

after this i went to see Tomi at sepankatu garage, and bring out some parts for my stroker...
there was a problem with the berg rockers, super flows and big springs....they make the pushrods to touch the puush rod tubes, so the idea was to take the heads off and weld and remake  things .... ;-) but then the better idea was to try again the Pauter rockers, and after so tweaks, we have now pauter rockers working with my parts... wow. one side is pretty much looking great.

I got some spare adjusters from Jyrki Laune to the pauter rockers, (a very big THANKS to jyrki to help in this) and after this we got the oil sump in order too, except, theres one stud missing, but ill figure out something for that...

i got new intake manifolds from AIRCOOLED.FI, (thanks for mikko) and they will have 48mm butterfly´s in no time. and maybe some other parts like fan etc... ;-)

i also got the opportunity to see Make´s turbo bugs engine... and check out some things that i could copy to my black ghia´s engine...anyways even i didn't have the bus inspected ... it was a helluva day.
got to get the panel inspected and the stroker...well you will guess where. :-)

torstai 17. syyskuuta 2015

one mild 1915 cc coming through...

I have many parts in my storages, as you might have seen :-) so its time to get them in the use, and what would be great that i might be trying to drive one of my v-dubs again in the winter time... what it might be, that is not decided yet, :-) but it should be something else than a bone stock 1600 cc or a smaller. So this could be one ....a stock 69 crank, a engle w110 type cam, 94 cylinders, some better flowing heads, and some 40 dellortos, headers, 009, full flow, nothing fancy, or would this be a engine for the panel van for a change... 

untill the fuel injected 2332 cc stroker is ready :-)

Things are taking a lot more time than i would hope, 
as i have to visit meilahti hospital couple of time s a week for now... 

tiistai 15. syyskuuta 2015

a low light by a surprise?

well seems like that the baby blue cab is actually a low light body modified to a newer front, not 100% sure, but pretty sure by now :-)

so should i take a step to the lowlight looking cabriolet or not? well theres a plenty other things to do, but its nice to know. my guess is that it was hit to the front and fixed with the never sheet metal, and the body color might have been paprika red.

torstai 10. syyskuuta 2015

selling parts to buy services - 4 ghia

sometimes you just have top get rid of the "jewels" to get in a better speed. like now, i just put the 1968 911 S-block and 911 S-curved vertex magneto, heads, crank ... and some other stuff 4 sale. some interest is already. also for the other block that i have... will see, if i get a good price, i could take the black ghia to autotune, right now. :-) for the finish of the project...and dyno time.

but while waiting miracles to happen, i will fix this light blue vert ghia... the cuurrent thing with it, has been changing to better looking cooling...and it already looks much cleaner. n´est pas?

the panel van will get new parking brake shoes, hopefully tomorrow. 
if things goes well. and the inspection is also pretty soon.