sunnuntai 31. heinäkuuta 2011

the real twilight brothers. :-) - veljekset hämärä

ok, these dudes, just looooves the bus. and clowning too. :-)

ghia vert - to the resque

I have to admit, i got the sheet metal in the picks, new narrowed adjustable front axle, + loads of parts brake & suspension parts, roof parts, etc...all in one shop, (Heck even the seats are from paruzzi...) which makes life a lot easier than drive everywhere collecting for every different part, so the project might upgrade pretty fast...this way. and the service is just great!

For the Ghia, i was bout to slam it, but the first thing, that came before that is to repair the windshield wiper system. ok, i took my iphone, googled "ghia 1966 wiring diagram" and there i was, repairing the wiring of the ghia, and damn, i got it even working, (maybe the medication works partly to me, normally i would give up in these things so much more easily). 
ok, after that i thought i could make the garage useful by cleaning it, and that took a bit longer than i expected, BUT it´s getting there. i will make it. and then the front axle will come out pretty fast. and i´ll put some nice new stuff for the inspector to see. hope he likes it. ;-) ... 

torstai 28. heinäkuuta 2011


I was ´bout to leave Vantaa for some country action, with Jimi, Jyrki Laune and Jyrki´s boys, but the weather was turning from small rain to a monsoon rain.

A great thunderstorm & huge amount of water coming down the sky left me to the gas station to wait... it didnt happen, so we went back to home in a "open tub" heh... that was something. the picks ae not good enough, next time you will see a video.

keskiviikko 27. heinäkuuta 2011

not so many rides...

well riding my harley, hmmm...has´nt been so usual anymore, because of the pesky 24 pills (plus some 5 more now ...Zovirax ) per day that i have to take to my heart sarcoidosis. i´m starting to look like a moon faced, ball, with loads of kilos more, and a very rounded face. i hate it. + the feeling is like i´m constantly under drugs. all the time hungry, my feet a looking like elephants feet, and i get some infections too damn easy. :-(

I REALLY DONT LIKE IT, but what can i do? well in the positive side.... i can cruise with my cars & do things. if the cancer would have been the HOT ticket, i would be throwwing up etc. so theres allways a +

 side. remember that!

cleaning up the GARAGE

huh what a job, and its not even finished - but, because of my new medication,
i´m forced to do things  - all of the time. :-( ok, theres a lot to throw away, but the best part is that theres also space coming - as a side-effect. :-) the panel van is like it was made to these things.
...lets see what goes to the garage after this...

cottage - what a place.

this time i went to the cottage with my friend MIKA, who just got back from a trip to Bretagne.
he and his family went there with the type 2, so you can say MIKA is a hardcore fellow type-2 nut.

he showed pictures of the bugatti museum, and those friendly people in Bretagne, also vw -perverts big tiiiime. but MIka had to leave early to the "ORAL -tooth repair shop" to work, so the trip was pretty fast.
but it was fun to talk about the people in different countries, and their passions...

loads of miles to the cottage - 911 - exactly

heh, i drove the ghia in ftont of musse´s  classic 911 to the cottage... took some picks. and started to empty the garage of the useless crap that has been 20 years there. maybe i can fit th eharley and some interesting stuff to there...maybe a racecar? who knows? keep on checking.

you know what? i suddenly felt a big urge to get my 912 back to the track... heheh