keskiviikko 28. heinäkuuta 2010

how can you tell that...

...i came to work? well the vespas are not mine ;-)
30 degrees c and a harley....great combo! ok a convertible ghia or similar would be great too, but i dont have one.

maanantai 26. heinäkuuta 2010

twilight bros panel - problems

well, some "wiring bugs" or whatever it is...but the panel is in the garage, and i will try to fix it asap. i would like to go to Forssan pick-nick, but with a working starter ;-) - also have to put some safety belts for the passengers. ;-) and for the harley i need to have a brake test, :-( that sucks.

torstai 22. heinäkuuta 2010

my flat is for rent ... check it out

53 squaremeters in the middle of helsinki. ultimate flat for a single, couple or a couple with a baby, extras... a fireplace, a bathtub, 380 cm room height, free internet connection, 109 years old floors (mostly) etc...
check it out. 1200 e per month.

tiistai 13. heinäkuuta 2010

harley update @ fredrikinkatu

im too tired to tell anything else that it was a hot day, took the panel van to rest for a while...and the harley got me back from the cottage, after this we fixed mika´s schiebedach oval, and today we will go to the inspection. huh. good night.

maanantai 12. heinäkuuta 2010

my pauter machine - coming real soon!

THE ENGINE should be in Finland this week... WOW!
and the rancho drag race tranny...well it takes a bit longer.

harley update @ nummi-pusula - ITS Awesome.

nothing beats (almost) riding a harley in twisty roads. its just so awesome, V2 sounds just right, 30 degrees hot, sun is shining all the time... huh...JIMI likes the bike very much, JIMI´s mom was a bit confused because the bike didnt look like it used to look... ;-)
but its great to be at home for a day, in a bit cooler than in Nummi-pusula, (38° celsius in the shadow) :-( tooooo warm.

torstai 8. heinäkuuta 2010

photos & videos

(UB-52) Tomi´s split with chromed foooooks wheels (from the Oberschlachter gang).
looks pretty sharp, but we do like the "gold digger wheels" more on this car. naughty videos coming later... ;-) when the smoke settles... ;-)

lauantai 3. heinäkuuta 2010

helsinki cruising 2.7.2010

helsinki cruising 2.7.2010 ...Kauppatori was crowded, with loads of pretty cars, bikes, babes, you name it... seems like half of the people are tourists, shooting picks of the cars & people...
and there was a band playing also, i met some friends in there, and after couple of hours, went to eat some burgers...after 23:00 it was time to park the "twilight bros" panel, and go to bar loose for a cold beer :-) the evening was great. check out the picks from the link.

krem-a-que 2.7.2010

one of the best happenings in the summer is Krem-a-que, grill party by Slugs.
lots of cars, music, BBQ, friends etc...
its a happening for all ages, from kids to old geezers. (like me)
...but enough of the BS, check out the picks from the link.