perjantai 19. helmikuuta 2010

2386cc turbo Pauter motor turn key -

HEY! its party time! 10.000 visitors so far!!!! WOW! thanks!

Description: This motor is 86x94, comp e\'s, k800\'s , tappet cam, hybrid turbo, Holley 750, fan shroud, wet sump with custom 3 qt sump,pauter rods, 2.1 rod journals, wisecos, pauter barrels, very fast. Laid down a 6.02 @118 in the eighth. just freshened up with new rod bearings. Comes with tilton dual disc setup. made 480rwhp @ 28lbs on Paradise Chassis dyno... this would be great for my street race Karmann Ghia!

tiistai 16. helmikuuta 2010

steyr 55 - parts needed...?

well it came with the oval tail lights but i think swapping to splitwindow taililght would be great. the fenders are tough...not like those repro vw fenders that are toasted if you sneeze in the same room. these are hard as nails. i also took of the plate, and the rear license plate light will go off pretty soon.... but its all happening and thats great. if you got spare split tail lights for sale...let me know... :-) BTW, if you compare the 912 porsche and steyr...they look a lot similar...coupe rear, both has steel sunroofs, both have a bit "frog eyes"....long doors.... hardly 4-seaters...and they came from austria. hmmmm, maybe porsche copied more than we think. ;-)
ledwinka rules!

lauantai 13. helmikuuta 2010

steyr 55 - "inglorious basterds"

I found a old can of paint remover, so i had to check if theres still some left...amazingly the left overs worked still pretty fine. maybe ill buy some more, it makes the job pretty much easier and faster. i also started to take the rear axle setup off, so i will have space for some nasty ideas...
because of the fact that its impossible to find a steyr motor, ill have to collect parts for a different-4-cylinder-boxer :-) maybe the transmission will be also from the same originin.

but from the body, i have to say that its pretty tough, from the outside, but needs welding for the inside... it would be great to cruise at kaivopuisto park lets say like 2015 ??? ;-)