tiistai 29. kesäkuuta 2010

twilight bros panel- update

1 day to the inspection... but im in the cottage with jimi-boy, having a cool time, we´ve been cruising in saukkola-city, eating strawberrys, ice cream, drinking "cold drinks" and eating what ever comes to mind. ;-) JIMI´s day naps, is loooong gone...seems like that. ;-)

but Mika did a fine job with the panel van, now i have to fix some small hand brake issues.
i have to drive to the helsinki city, today, because i have the permission for today...and to get Jyrki Launes race-number stickers to his famous black street racer... :-)

the sun is starting to soften my head in here...huh...
but cant compalin... hey i have even the crappy video camera to shoot some action clips from alastaro this week... and maybe even some cruising & krem-a-que too...lets see.

and hey...rancho gearbox update coming soon...

sunnuntai 27. kesäkuuta 2010

you´ve got my engine there ;-)

found this picture on the web...thats my engine there.
hope to see it live pretty soon. ;-) looks great!

harley update - ITS Awesome.

i have to confess that i took a spin with the harley, (sorry no details) ;-) and it felt soooooo gooood, the engine is great, tha frame is great and everything works. ok i didnt have the seat so the bumps were hurting my back bone a bit... but thats nothing compared to the feeling that a v2-hardtail-chopper gives you. :-) im in looove again. ;-) and whats better - i found the papers for the harley, + the video recorders charging cord so i can take some clips too. A special thanks for the help today goes to Tomi Seppälä, who helped me to install the seat!
...oh boy! well the bike needs some logos or something, but who gives a rats ass, IT WORKS! thats all that counts. ...to be continued!

sunnuntai 20. kesäkuuta 2010

twilight bros panel- update

well after the inspection, mika särkelä promised to help in the rust-issues, but the crazy part is that there was more than the inspector found, so lets see how long mika has to weld the chassis.
driving the panel in a heavy rain to mäntsälä was a pretty interesting ride...

keskiviikko 16. kesäkuuta 2010

weld magnum wheels for sale -

the first that pays 350 e, will be the lucky new owner.
clean wheels, SFI approved, chevy bolt pattern 4x15 size.
if you really need these, send me email...

lauantai 12. kesäkuuta 2010

JIMI is 3 years old!

He wanted a "paku-kakku" that translates to a "van cake". here you have it. Daddy is an artist, i know. ;-)

sunnuntai 6. kesäkuuta 2010

my pauter machine is on its way!

yeeeha. my Pauter small block (86x94) started its trip to Finland today from Frank "the bank" Estradas yard to helsinki city. AND special thanks to ARSKA in california, who was willing to help me in this case...to ship it to Finland. This should make my GHIA a bit tougher in the competition... :-) well now its time to get the transmission from Rancho.
Is this great or what? the engine looks pretty clean to me. :-)

lauantai 5. kesäkuuta 2010

cruise night - helsinki - 4.6.2010

well after repairing the panel, i was ready to go to a small cruise with audi... :-(
but i went to see whats happening in kauppatori, and there was a lot of beautifull cars...
but like all the time, my iphones battery was going dead.
so theres not too many picks... ok the best thing was that i suddenly stumbled to a old friend SAKARI MATTILA. He is the man in car advertising in Finland. was and is. period.
he was cruising with he´s AUDI TT R modell.. sorry no picks.
there was a certain PWR-700 porsche turbo in kauppatori...but i missed the owner...erkka suominen...but check out the Plymouth cuda 1970 aar-model...its just ...awesome...

krem-a-que 4.6.2010

my krem-a-que wasnt a big success, i did´nt make it with my panel, due to a short circuit in the starter motor... first i thought that the trouble is with the ignition switch...but after taking the "hot wire" off the switch, the starter was still trying to do its job when the battery was connected... i got a new ignition switch from "oberschlachter boys" with super fast delivery, and i want to thank mikko and olli in here for a good service, plus the fact that they had the part in the shelf. WOW!
ok, i had to take the starter motor off, (and if you can thing how hard it is to do in my home-yard, with 225-17 tires with a slammed suspension... huh... ) put a new one (old 6-volt starter with a 12 volt teething) that i got from sami (http://bunnyracing.blogspot.com/) sooo a big THANKS for sami also... i owe you beers. ;-)
but after those things, the panel was ready to rumble. and after couple of shots of start spray...i could take the panel for a short spin... ;-)
...i thought that maybe the krem-a-que for me was/happened in fredrikinkatu.... :-)
ok, i was ready for the cruise night...