lauantai 24. syyskuuta 2011

going more downhill

ok, i lost also my job now, after sweating for 6 years. :-/
...sooo what can i say? NOTHING. except...
its going to be a looong journey, to get back to the normal shape,
physicaly and mentally.
...shit wont just happen, it´s created by ...

tiistai 20. syyskuuta 2011

going downhill...

well its been a bad time for my illness, i´ve been rssting, but it wont help, seems like the medication is getting me worse for the moment. i´ve been resting at the cottage, and in the ospital too, sorry bout the silence, but i havent had any strenght to do anything,  in 10 days my blood red cells has been dropped to 109 which is a serious case of anhemia... trust me you can really feel that... cant do much, even i have been eating medication for that too, looks like theres something bleeding inside of me, and it might be in the stomach area. have to seeks for more help. doesnt look that promising.

the panelvan is broken for some electric things, and the harley has a screw in its front tire, so they are a paralyzed too, but who gives a damn, i´m not in a shape to do anything... anyway.
i´ll try to get back to the track...asap.

torstai 8. syyskuuta 2011

harley update - spok-motors rules... again.

it works again, start relay dead. and some wires broken.
have to say, V2 sound rules....

embassy of spain vs. veljekset hämärä ( 0 - 1 )

the two diplomat chicks of embassy of spain thought that they can do what ever they want in helsinki city, so they parked the embassy car, in front of my yard, in fredrikinkatu 35. so i waited for and hour there, called the police to come and put a ticket in the window, but they said they cant help me, in to the parking office. ok, i called and badabim there was a lady to give those dumb & blind driver girls a ticket...ok, i told that my car is a illegal parking place, so i´ll swap it in here, and i dont want any tickets, because i´m trying to get to my parking place in the yard...

(i parked my panel pretty close off their "lazy ass transporter"-opel, and my harley in the back of the opel.)

ok, these two embassy clowns wifes or what ever they are... were actually sitting in the ekberg cafe, sipping cafe au lait or what ever... while normal people dont get anywhere...

when i came back the spanish babes were sitting in the car, and i had to tell them that in finland if you are so damn dummy that you cant understand these things OR u are so blind that you don´t see where to park, you are not allowed to drive a all... but the driver said that she is sorry, this is the first time.

i said that i have heard this story couple of hundred times now, so dont even try, when i told them that you really pissed off me, you ruined my whole f...g day, and now its pay back time.

what i did? i went to eat some lunch...relaxed...after that i came back and went to drink cafe in my moms place above those stupic clown. and guess what? i was on top of the situation... :-)

there i was, checking the police blocking the fredrikinkatu, the tram had to wait...also...

ok, now some chief of the embassy has called to some police chief, and the police tryed to call me, but suddenly my battery was gone of my cell phone... what a shame, in a situation as delicate like this...

well, after couple of hours...they managed to move the harley, so the little, brainless & blind spanish women got back on the road to shop something, and for some tapas-meals... i hope that their day was not ruined, and this didn´t affect finnish-spanish relationships...

but there might be coming a small video clip in the youtube channel. hehehe...stay tuned.

what can i say? Dont mess with the Veljekset Hämärä! (twilight bros)  you know, in finland we have this thing called ...PERKELE!

tiistai 6. syyskuuta 2011

maanantai 5. syyskuuta 2011