keskiviikko 31. elokuuta 2011

check out my latest drag clips - from alastaro

this time, no music, no editing, just as it was taken.
jussi, tomi, nikke, peppe, big-dee, vw´s...
click the topic...

One ghia vert for sale.

ok, this needs a bit of attention, clean up, and lots of love!
one ghia vert for sale, 3200 e. car is at nummi-pusula, 
if someone will not buy it, im gonna make it run 
for the summer 2012, needs front wings, etc...
this is the project for the "tin-men" - trust me.

my street stormer project...

a 82x94, superflow, engine, fk ;-) cam, + some stuff
for the bus, or for the ´vert ghia, will see...
thanks for steven pocaro sr for these heads and cam. :-)

lauantai 27. elokuuta 2011

vw boxer speed day 27.8.2011 alastaro

jussi´s low light kg

definition to low lights... its damn low.

i could want something like this...
porsche 356

hitler´s revenge - and kotten.

two tomi´s in park. - 12 seconds bugs
angleflows and many other goodies...

cool zwitter

oval window racer

jimi liked this - me?...i would take only the wheels... :-).

type 3 fastback, racer

baja -for the strip - from Vaasa

The Rytö-oval, from vaasa! looked bad ass, really bad ass!

Fiat 600 -turbo racer. spanked some bigger ones...

sleeper indeed.

the same zwitter

Rust in piece was there also.

i hope the heads are still good...?

Nikkes unlucky pump-frog, - simply beatifull.

better luck next time. :-)

...dare to be different....

the frog has got style

veljekset hämärä - my little co-pilot
superbug looked hard...

pekka´s Porsche, the best looking Porsche in alastaro.

push start is allways IN. ;-)

abarth or not, but this ones got a jay leno -chin
should fly - n´est pas?

j. marimos super cool cruiser. black - chrome & nice wheels.

line up from hell, frustrated people - but thats racing.

black bomber, über clean & fast - video in youtube later....

first two tester-tomis. video coming up.

have to dig those gold wheels...

waiting waiting waiting....

how low can you go?

angleflows, ida´s, and those fins. not a street engine...
but pure adrenaline.

hmmmmmm...the drama....

after this, there was some fast action, and my battery was dead. 
KLR rules in urtsi = KLR, - does it actually mean
KiLleR for the competition?

the number plate says all... its good to be the king. :-)