perjantai 28. toukokuuta 2010

harley update - a pic from spok-motors

that NITRO-breathing man, Juho Rouhu is a true artist.
we´ve been talking bout the real winchester-exhaust with Juho...what i originally wanted from voodoo, but what i didnt get...well now the exhaust is done by spok-motors, and i have to say that this kicks ass! and maybe burns too... ;-) this is really starting to look how i wanted in the first place. the rear fender is going to be modified also, a bit shorter...

but my sportster-go-ped is happening....yeeeeeehhhaaaaa!
check out the before picture, it really is modified a bit. :-)

check out...

lauantai 22. toukokuuta 2010

vw open 2010 - kiikala

ok, sorry bout the bad pictures, but i had my kid with me, no video camera, no rothmans panel van and there was plenty of friends there, so i have only couple of shots to show you what kind of cars you can find in this "vw-happening"...
there was a hemi challenger, loads of vettes, some pretty hairy european turbo cars like 10 sec old ford escorts, a Nissan GT-R, a monster turbo AUDI from estonia (with bigger than a jumbojet turbo) and plenty of bugs...but what was really strange, that the "names" of the finnish vw scene didnt show up in the line-up. maybe this wasn´t the best year for the fast vw´s?
OK, heeba had his bug at dyno in friday with 202 hp, and j. kemppi had 211 hp in his 3 year old boy slept pretty well even we were located allmost in the starting line... ;-)
daddys boy - the sweeeeet calming sound of the race engines...
...The slugs were there with the motorhome - but not with the race-cars... :-(
i had a tight time schedual, so i had to go at 14:45, well the exact same time when THOR the god of THUNDER wanted to have his show, its 17:37 now and the sky is loaded with lightnings, and a great thunder it sure is... after driving couple of minutes from the airfield, a huge rain started...and i mean - huge rain! check out the pictures....

torstai 20. toukokuuta 2010

karmann ghia update - engine&tranny

the rancho DRAG PRO race tranny is still in USA, and the pauter small block is also in frank the banks yard...whys that? well the engine is payed full, but the fees in the receiving bank i have to pay also. well its only 100 usd still... and then manage the shipping. hehe... maybe one day theres a gorgeus ups officer bringing me something to put my hands on to. ??? at least i hope so. ;-)

twilight bros panel -fixing up

the gearbox oil bleeding wasnt so bad to fix, but for the moment im not sure if its fixed or not, i have to get the panel on the road so i know more...still have to fix the horn (broken wire) - one blinker is not working ( the bulb is dead) but the baddest thing is the rear tyre puncture, i need two new tyres. looks like the 205-50-17 tyre isnt the most popular one. well i will get those somewhere... so i have to check if a 225-17 tyre will suit?
the best part was that i figured that the carb linkage only opens the throttles 2/3 only. :-)