sunnuntai 16. kesäkuuta 2024

that pesky leaking ghia

it drives me crazy, as it is really had to operate. i got one leak less, but it still leaks somewhere. have to go to fix the second one. than im ready for the next ones. maybe its just like p.laitinen told me, that the hoses might be toasted, of the E85. that would be awful. but as always, Pekka might be right on this. :-(

i would like to get the engine running again. summer is pretty short in here.


tiistai 11. kesäkuuta 2024

WBX Oil change - makes you crazy

 Easy jobs "oil change" what could go wrong... well First tried to take the oil plug off, it is a bit different than in a basic type 1 engine. and i didn't have a correct tool for that, i bought one universal plug too, but there's no correct tool for this plug. so i made one from a bolt & couple nuts. that helped, then i took of the  oil filter... let that drain, ...ok now i have new oil for this engine and a new filter. BUT the filter won't fit, as the exhaust is not original. ok, back to home and another day, another filter, from a vw polo - a small one.

ok now the oil is in and the filter too. but the engine makes lots of louder noises... so the lifters might be empty of oil. i ran the engine arounfd 5 minutes... its still there. ok next time i have to run it harder and longer, then it might be silent again and smooth. i had same crap happening with the dodge v8, ticking and other noises. that was fixed with more oil and running. - these pesky hydraulic lifters. :-)

lauantai 8. kesäkuuta 2024

torstai 6. kesäkuuta 2024

Dodge D100 "ex-town panel"


i wanted to go to the Lahnajärvi cruising with the dodge, 
so i would see what needs to be taken care of, to get this pickup to the inspection.
the carburetor is fine now, and the engine runs smoothly.
when i started the trip from somero to saukkola...
the brake pedal went down. there's some brake power but not much.
have to check for leaks, and take care of bleeding as well.
the engine temp meter didn't work... and the engine started to make noises...
well i got safely to our cottage, but there's something to work out.

torstai 7. maaliskuuta 2024

Autool smoke leak testing

 it is a great little box, and good and easy to use. there's smoke coming in different places, found one mystery leak. but the others are easy to fix. if you have a turbo car, i would highly recommend autool.

have to test is it the new exhaust gasket that leaks or where it comes...

also the v-band seems to leak a little bit...
have to check that out also.

keskiviikko 6. maaliskuuta 2024

vw drag race transmission update

 Looks better than ever, the race trans is getting in shape, but there has been plenty of bad things and errors in here. but anyways, this looks very promising... this will end to the orange race beetle-bug-fusca. im not in a hurry, as I'm trying to concentrate to the karmann ghia. and hopefully one day i can swap the orange bug soon to the sepänkatu garage... i also have the spare 2332cc superflo engine waiting...

tiistai 5. maaliskuuta 2024

1700cc upgrade

 i got a alternator kit from - and a new water pump for the wasserboxer bug, so i have even more work to do, and with the inventory of kotten T. i got the missing parts for the alternator kit. and now its almost ready. i still have to get some engine tins... but it looks good. if you need a 1700 cc engine in your project, let me know. :-)

perjantai 1. maaliskuuta 2024

ghia update

The right side wasn't all that bad, things went pretty fast, 
the gasket was looking bad - a new one should do the trick,
 the spark plugs were changed also,
next thing will be the smoke leak tester...
jimi was really helpful, maybe we will get this in the dyno asap.
but i´m not waiting for huge numbers...