perjantai 19. elokuuta 2022

lahnajärvi cruising 20.8.2022

 here's some pics of the cruising, there's also a short video in youtube 

check it out, even its not too awesome, :-) - here's some pics of the show , 

vw´s, porsches, mopars, chevys, fords, volvos... 

Der Violet ground beetle - project - Sinikiitäjäinen (Carabus violaceus) part4

 damn what can i say? the WBX is alive! 

I'm pretty much stoked!

torstai 18. elokuuta 2022

Der Violet ground beetle - project - Sinikiitäjäinen (Carabus violaceus) part3

 Some good and some bad, the bad things first, theres a broken front axle there. and some rust holes too, and the engine coolant is leaking... BUT the good thing is that the leak is an easy fix, changing merely one gasket. (maybe changing the whole wasser-pump ...could be wise) ...the axle can be welded, or getting a new one. rust holes are always bad, as i haven't seen them yet. good thing is that the start-up will be at this week, maybe in 24 hours. i hope that the long block aint broken... but will see and you will hear.

sunnuntai 14. elokuuta 2022

1700 cc with kawell turbo?

Today i was totally exhausted, but tried more things. the intake needs more mods with the grinder, and the intake ends needs a vacuum port. There isn't any for the moment. but this looks promising.  :-) the tube that goes to the turbocharger needs also taken some 5 cm away. Maybe it would be great to have one custom made after this mock-up is ready. any suggestions? I'm getting a feeling that this has to be running in couple of months. just for the fun. :-) - for the next day i leave the intake mod, and have to find the j-tubes and the bracket for the carb, and bolt the t-intake back... + put the ignition on spot too.

torstai 11. elokuuta 2022

Der Violet ground beetle - project - Sinikiitäjäinen (Carabus violaceus) part2

 well its getting better, this little bug at 
- there's some wiring done, and the original intake manifold found 
its way back to the place. then there's also a TPS, a wasted spark coil too, 
and the trigger wheel... yikes, this could run some day?