maanantai 29. toukokuuta 2023

wbx bug - here and therewbx,

This thing seems to like driving, and goes like a go-kart, runs easily 120 km/h. 
starts, stops and goes!have to put the audi on hold, maybe to the painter, and some bushings has to be changed. so its time to enjoy the bug.


tiistai 4. huhtikuuta 2023

let there be rock, or blues ...mostly...

 i had a space for a music player, but not that actual player, so i had to put a 30 euros bargain new sony mp3 player to the bug. First i thought that maybe it s a bad idea, because of some wiring hanging there, but with a tester, i got the picture, where there's some current. i even found a amp in the bug, and when i tracked the colors, and took out extra wiring. i now have a player in the bug. great thing. 

tiistai 21. maaliskuuta 2023

chrome won't take you far?

 well for me it just works. better than the silver rattle can one. suits fine with the wheels.

tiistai 7. maaliskuuta 2023

Fuchs wheel (copy) gets new paint

 Had to mask / paint the last wheel, so that i could get the winter tires under. and whats best, i might get a chrome bumper to the front, with the blinker of course. damn, this little bug is getting pretty. have to locate the center caps to the wheels also. and some chromed bolts. and a rear seat too...and what else?

turbo-ghia troubleshooting part 4

 Today was a day to take a bath, with a pressurized throttle valve, and it went pretty well, the more you give air/pressure, the better the jacuzzi feels like. :-) BUT have to think what can be done with this. i don't know any machinists... i would like a 65 mm throttle bore , but one that doesn't leak. ok whats next?

if the weather will be decent, i will go to the cottage to freeze my butt, and try to pressurize the rest of the intake. and the best result will come, if i loosen the rocker shafts. i wonder how this will turn out. + it would be wise to check out the hoses too... and the pressure is under 0,3 bar in this clip

maanantai 6. maaliskuuta 2023

turbo-ghia troubleshooting part 3

 Ok so far what i know, is that the tube with the bow leaks a tiny bit of air, as i changed it to a straight pipe without welds or any BOW. now the tubes from the turbo to the end of intercooler is ok for me. BUT, today i tested the part from intercooler to the T-inatkemanifold, AND couldn't get any pressure to that. so the leak must be massive. i took it out of the ghia, as i want to get a better view what can be done, or is it useless... looks like the culprit is the china-throttle body. as it was before too. but i have to test it before I'm sure. IF the manifold setup is good from the T-shaped manifold, this thing could be running better one day. It was around -5 degree Celsius today, so my fingers were frozen in this hobby. i should get it to a warm garage, but there's ice and snow so picking up the ghia is not possible right now.

re check the 1 part of the tubing, with a better compressor, 

OK the bad part seems to be the part from china.
any better solutions?

perjantai 3. maaliskuuta 2023

turbo-ghia troubleshooting part 2

 Ok, first part of the leak down test partially done. Even the bigger compressor was out of order, the small tyre compressor made some pressure for the system, and there's two spots that needs to be fixed, then i need more/bigger pressure, to see if there's more. but looks like the parts in this green line is ok. well atleast semi ok. the weather went to sunshine to pretty cold, so this test-thing will continue later on, :-)

i´m a bit nervous, what will be found later. but first this tested part has to be leak proof.

torstai 2. maaliskuuta 2023

turbo-ghia troubleshooting part 1

 Today was a great day, even i didn't get to the great final. i had to test the "Turbo Boost Leak tester" set... to pressurize the compressor side...BUT i couldn't get any pressure to the cold side of the turbo. none. i thought that the new leak tester is broken. but no. so now i have to test the system in smaller parts, like plug the intercooler, and test the tubes before that. or maybe just plug the tube where the BOW is located... 

have to go back tomorrow, if there's no wind and a bit warmer, as it was cold today. and i have to locate different size plugs for this... but maybe there's a reason that this black ghia doesn't have many horses...

the starting point. 1. remove the air cleaner...

2. plug the intake of the turbo...
and put some compressed air...

(there's the kit to test...)

3. dismantle the cold side tubing somewhere, 
and put a plug somewhere... and NOTHING!
there's a massive leak somewhere... DAMN!

to be continued!

maanantai 27. helmikuuta 2023

The spring is coming!!!!

 Had to go to the garage, and try to do something. so i started to paint the winter wheel setup, as the snow might be melting... heh, better late than...i also grabbed the turbo exhaust with me to the garage, to show it to a fellow vw-nutcase. Im not sure, if its wise to test fit the turbo-setup to the wbx engine, but it sure is tempting. I'm afraid to snap a bolt or something, as the bug is inspected and totally working. it only would need to be driven. Nothing ever goes like intended, so this could end into something that aint so funny. lets see how things will proceed.

keskiviikko 22. helmikuuta 2023

No boost?

Lets find out, if the compressor side of the engine is leaking. i do need a smoke machine too later, but this could tell much of the system with a cheap price. i ordered these from, the company seems to be TURBO BOOST / Leak testers, made in USA.
So now i have new oil in the engine, new filter, these leak testers, and i have to check the rockers, if there would be something strange there... maybe something shows up?