tiistai 31. toukokuuta 2022

Tinkering with the two wheelers...

my harleys carb, after 5 years sleep.

Jimis kawasaki kx85, got a problem...

our guess was that it cut off

and we were right, marks in the cylinder, 
and the piston missed a part.

sunnuntai 24. huhtikuuta 2022

gentleman - start you engines!

the 1915cc engine project is gone, to be in casimir´s bus...

i hope that it will give some smiles when it's running.

My panel van makes me happy and feeling great, it goes like a go-cart. 

Have to change the oil and the filters too, and also check the fuel lines...  

torstai 14. lokakuuta 2021

parts for sale!

 need to build a 2789 cc engine? or a 2332cc engine? need new wheels? or drums with 2 bolt patterns? fenders for a porsche? i will have some parts for you. because i want to get some projects forward.

project 1915cc stormer

 This might be the smallest vw engine in my place for the moment. 

we got the engine running, but the carb leaked some, so we have to get a new one.

and the engine tins also, and a better muffler too. 

i got the ghia also back to the garage. 

sunnuntai 10. lokakuuta 2021

taking the ghia for a spin.

that ghia is a fun little car, the co-pilot was wondering if the clutch slips, 
and also that the engine broke down, but I'm happy that 
it didn't brake down, only couple oil lines got hurt. have to change for new ones.
they were only breather hoses, so now oil pressure problems...
but the engine runs and the clutch is ok.
i haven't accelerated with the 4th gear, only throught 1-2-and 3rd gears.

it wouldn't hurt to get money, and take this to the dyno, and later on to the inspection.
also re-tighten parts and check for the leaks in the intake manifold too...


keskiviikko 1. syyskuuta 2021

project 1915cc

 hi there!

not much has happened. Except this pile of parts is now more to be a complete engine. it started as a empty block with these upgrades: full flow, align bored, machined fo the 94 barrels, and now it has new lifters, new bearings, gaskets, 94 mm males, bugpack 4062-10 cam. mildly ported stock heads, 009, better exhaust, and new engine tins, but the carbs are still missing. maybe some 40 mm dells or pdf style carbs...

the engine ran already, so this shouldn't take long to be able to run it in a car...