maanantai 28. marraskuuta 2022

what's lurking in the future...

This one needs some update, as i do have turbo kits, 
and this 2332cc engine, 


sunnuntai 27. marraskuuta 2022

better to do it twice ... the plug

Ok, as i changed the distributor to a cb performance plug, i heard the the distributor shaft have to be removed, so maybe some info has to be found somewhere. I checked the CB perf web-site ...and indeed there's info that you have to eliminate the shaft, and the shims. I was scared that the shims ends inside of the block, if things goes wrong. First i took the shaft carefully with a magnetic pick up. and the shims stayed almost on their place. then i got the shims off too. wow. and back with the plug. and i also found the fuel pump block off plate, and with one oil line block off, i got that working too. what a great day. 

take off the useless distributor and fuel pump

...then you take the shaft away

...then the shims (2 pieces)

...and there u have it!

plug & play!

torstai 17. marraskuuta 2022

some upgrades to the WBX engine

 i found a new k&n filter from my closet, so i have to try if It fits to the wbx engine, somehow, and this CB performance distributor plug will find its place also. as i don't use the distributor. next i will take off the mechanical fuel pump.... then there's lots of space... for a turbo? will see... but it would be wicked! maybe i have to check if the 17 inch american racing wheels would suit... there we go again.... :-)

Winter is coming - AGAIN!

 The summer was short in Finland, as always. but i really enjoyed it. And as my plans change like always, this time i didn't change the clutch to my panel van, and i didn't change to the alternator, but maybe at 2023 if we are in some kind of shape. so the DODGE, PLYMOUTH and VW panel van is now sleeping at somero, its a long, cold, twisty and a very dark road to the somero, but we made it, even with the summer tyres, bad lights, no heater and - 1 degrees... 

lauantai 12. marraskuuta 2022

Der Violet ground beetle - project - Sinikiitäjäinen (Carabus violaceus) part7

 It's finally fixed and inspected, Kotten T. helped me with the swing axle boot, gearbox oil, changing the type 3 brake cylinders and the hoses too and Tommy t. helped with finding the brake parts! So now its even better, it flies and stops, and drives like track car. its a great car in many ways. and there's a heater too. Jani from ruuvauspaja did a good job, as the maxxecu mini works like charm. what else? OK, maybe some winter tyres one day? oiling the door locks? putting a mp3 player? cleaning it up? will see. but its great to have a "looker" with a heater and a peppy engine! WBX rules, for now... 

torstai 3. marraskuuta 2022

Der Violet ground beetle - project - Sinikiitäjäinen (Carabus violaceus) part6

The inspection day for the bug. i drove to lohja, to the leijonakatsastus. before that i went to motonet to get one bulb to the rear light, ended changing both sides, worked there normally, but in the inspection, didn't work that well. surprise! well otherwise the inspection went good, but one brake at the rear was not workin at all. so it didn't pass. what a pity, i thought that on my way home, i will get some tools from the cottage...but there is a steep road and its very bumpy. Suddenly the engine stopped. and boy, i didn't find the bug in this bug. i ended messages, and kotten the vw-guru in here, came to help me. thanks to him, we found the bad connection one wire connection was loose, and that made the engine loose ignition. after it was totally dark outside, it started right up. and i headed to the gas station. I drove the ug to nummela, where it is waiting that Kotten has time to fix the brake. then i will go back to the lion-inspection. to be continued....

selling parts in facebook

i have many parts for sale, mostly 4" engine parts.

its time to set them free. 
...and there still more parts...


torstai 27. lokakuuta 2022

Der Violet ground beetle - project - Sinikiitäjäinen (Carabus violaceus) part5

 The bug has been on the highway, and it was great, now with maxxecu mini. dynoed too, 98hp, 178 Nm wow. its pretty nice. more like a daily driver than sportscar. but theres something waiting to hop it up.

perjantai 19. elokuuta 2022

lahnajärvi cruising 20.8.2022

 here's some pics of the cruising, there's also a short video in youtube 

check it out, even its not too awesome, :-) - here's some pics of the show , 

vw´s, porsches, mopars, chevys, fords, volvos...