keskiviikko 10. lokakuuta 2007

The KID!

Jimi was born in 09.06.2007, and he has been checking out for the bigger toys...but maybe next year he will be reach for the handlebars...Jimi will have many to play around, if he will like ´em.

Annika didnt like the panel van that much, maybe i was driving too fast , and playing around too much, but i hope JIMI will like it!

In the Harley side, jimi still needs some 1/2 meters more of legs to controll the bike. :-)
but the attitude was right. thanks for Jussi halonen to take the picture.

KARMANN GHIA 61 guts no glory

The Ghia, is under contruction, i wanted to take the stereos away of it, and to put a new original iterior in it, change the colour as well, race wheels and a big engine...
its not that fast thing to do with loads of work, a 4 months old baby, and some other things to bother, well the Jimi-Kid, is not bothering that much, :-)

rothmans racer, going to sleep.

i desided not to get the van isnpected this year, its better and cheaper to do it in the spring. :-)
no taxes etc. The splitscreen is now in our cottage. and as you can see theres autumn in here.
check also my match race with santala, (the second time i drink Valtteri´s beer) in the youtube section...