sunnuntai 25. kesäkuuta 2017

Wheels of change....

how lame is that for a subject? hehehe, well this time its a nice to check the wheels, what suits and whats a  bit out of style. what do you think? theres one wheel set to try after this. but they are under my Porsche 911 RSR wannabe.

the problem is that this Dodge has small bolt pattern at the rear and 
big in front. + BMW adapters/spacers
for the rear theres, slot mags with 275-15, AR torque trust with 275-17 wheels, 
and grey torque thrust with 275 but with chevy pattern.
and for the front 235 wide ones.... that might be the thing.
except it needs lowering down... but not now. 

sunnuntai 18. kesäkuuta 2017

VW´s in need!

My friend Mika, called for help, because he had lost his 1960 vw busses fan belt, on its way to my cottage, for an other job, so now we had to first to drive to the cottage, then dismantle the stuff & a car from the trailer, then locate i right fan belt. i wasn't that eager to take it off ...of the turbo ghia. but i found a new one. some people calls me Jyrp market, because i have too much shit at many places. well we went to see mika to a gas station to his butt. Jesus saves... and sometimes i can do that also ;-) ...(and i even put on its place.) huh what a day indeed.

Pick´n Up a Dodge

When i was a kid there was 2 guys with Dodge Town Panels, tearing up the pavement...adjusting the engines...and smoking the tires at helsinki city...i had a bicycle, they had their ex-police cars. that have been hounding me years. well i just got home from the pick up trip. what a great trip, to the Kotka City. Kotka means an Eagle. this Dodge has been converted to a pick up. has a V8, that should be a 5.59 liter engine...sounds like a 340 !!! it also has an open diff 8 3/4 so it has all the right stuff. frees the tires also. but the sound is soooo great. I absolutely love that pick up, its also painted, welded and has plenty of new stuff. and today, to get it to the trailer, we had to swap these ice track tires. and it looks bad asss.... ts time to clean up the yard also. to get rid of the vw racing parts and some vw-s too, but not all. gotta go back to the cottage to play with the P-U.  the dodge was happy to run and smoke tires, but the audi was not on my side.

1 crazy thing to tell about the trip is that my new audi, that i bought from a swedish car dealer, seems to have some minor problems, like when you have 2000 kilos of steel in a tow hook, occasionally you will not go faster than 60-90 kilometer per hour in a highway...damn those eGR and shit like that. Gotta get id of those. and more power and...