maanantai 28. toukokuuta 2007


I will pick up my "little piggie" from mantsala
to our country place, and start to fix it.
it was a museum piece,
but its not anymore... :-(
electric sunroof, recaro-seats,
fuchs wheels and a five speed...
...i hade so great time with this car, that it deserves to be in a better shape again! ...the biggest issue is the engine.

VW open 2007

i made a clip of it, Jussi Jyranko with his split was the fastest vw in VW Open!
check out also cal look forum for details...

At heebas place

Every yard should look like this!

racepanel > in here

Rothmans racer is in here


The Ghia is pretty good, better than i thought!
What it really needs, is some washing, waxing, new interior...and lots of POWER.
if you have new locks to the doors, i will be interested. :-)

In the evening i went to Heeba´s place, to bar-b-que party and see some VW drag DVD´s,
it was fun, thanks to Heeba!

VW-action weekend!

What a weekend! first i took my Auto-craft heads, and some Porsche turbo brakes, went to Luftsick garage, to see what is happening...jyrki was testing PAUTER big block to his oval, huh...i need one too! then i drove to mäntsälä city, to meet Jussi Jyrankö and Pekka Laitinen.
Pekka came to pick up my Rothmans racer panelvan, after that we went to pick up my 61 ghia.

The ghia was better than i thought, and with giant amp, in the rear seat...huh. theres gonna be some serious rocking...

I made an order to TMI interior, to get new panels to the ghia etc. and i ordered a blue cover to the panelvans seat...