sunnuntai 28. maaliskuuta 2010

twilight bros panel- update

minor tweaking happening... i tore the original window seals off, and plans are to use some wire to put the windows back on, with new seals, change the rear tyres, to new ones...and to change the oils...etc...after the repairs its time to cruise...

tiistai 16. maaliskuuta 2010

twilight bros panel - rude awakening...

after couple of minutes starting...the rothmans race panel was alive again. i let it idle for some 20 minutes, to get the fluids flow in the engine...and get rid of some moisture... :-) but wow, it really sounded good after couple of months sleep. i might be forced to make an overhaul to the engine... and maybe change the front window gaskets...and one gasket in the rear well. but after that i think its inspection time... and after that...maybe some hi speed cruising in Hell-sinki city. check out also the cool eniro "street view" pictures...

lauantai 6. maaliskuuta 2010

splitscreen shopping in Hartola

We had agreed to checkout an old vintage vw splitscreen van and were hoping to find an oldtimer in good shape. Previously received snapshots sent to us via e-mail looked promising, but they did not prepare us for the earthshattering shock - this beauty was no lemon! All of the doors shut like the one in a safevault. The hinges did not squeak for mercy, the original seats are in pristine condition and the paintjob was awesome, when one takes into consideration it is more than 50 y. old.
The vehicle was originally a panelvan, but the first owner promptly commissioned Wiima- a finnish bus body manufacturer- the conversion to a microbus. It is the only one of its kind with inlayed passenger sidewindows (flat window pane) in Finland. The engine was the original 30 hp powerhouse and every conceivable bit and accessory was original. No hidden surprises, rust or accident history!
It was a pleasure to do business with Mr Hirvonen, a VW -aficionado with integrity and great personality.

Greetings from Hartola.... Jyri & Mika (current owner) the great splitscreen hunters

torstai 4. maaliskuuta 2010

porsche 912 - out in the cold

we took the 912 porscha out of the garage...its heading to kangasniemi as well... theres some machining needed for the brakes...and some other stuff as well... the 3.0 engine is half teared apart... i still like the body very much, and it can keep the sad sun burned look for now, but im not out of the ideas...thats for sure. i got two wheels from the UB-52 (check out tomi s. blog its pretty cool) and after one minute they looked pretty niiiice. (a bit alfa romeo style)
Jussi Jyranko from Kuplapaja took care of the delivery, and he also brought a Karmann Ghia pan to the garage....hmmmm... theres gonna be some tubbing, slamming, shortening, and more for that... ok, i think ill shorten it 20 cm to get it under the Steyr 55 ... well even two weld racing wheels came along... :-)

- i feel better than James Brown! -