torstai 24. joulukuuta 2009

christmas coming early? final part!

merry X-mas to you all! my x-mas presents are in here. some hard core vw parts.
autocraft 910 heads from the devils hot rod, have to say that they are great. some say that it had 666 hp, well cant tell, but 9.3 sec from a steel bodied pan car is pretty fast. n´est pas?
they need some alu-welding, and machining, but that was just what lauffer bros told.

the question is that should we convert them to 4" pistons & watercooling or not?
because i have the 2332 cc turbo-engine, which could benefit from these heads.
the 4" version would be pretty tempting...topped with this turbo-setup ( ok maybe with haltech )
...the 4" cylinders and venolias came from franklin (usa) and they look great also, the fins are small, but i would guess that with a monster turbo-2.7 liters e85 alcohol-stormer, i wouldnt use it as a dailydriver... ;-)

well the other autocraft 910 pair that i have came from the welder, and they are going to be finished by p.laitinen/kangasniemi... hmmmm... maybe a small comparo with these heads would be fun...which flows better...or does it really matter?

MERRY X-MAS - where ever u are!

sunnuntai 20. joulukuuta 2009

porsche brembo/turbo brakes - part 3

i got my turbo brakes back from Kangasniemi. Mr. Laitinen made some custom brackets for 944 turbo brakes to 912 struts. they are the banana shaped ones. the ball joint housing needs a minor grinding, but not much, maybe 1-2 mm from one side. it starts to look pretty cool. i would have also the Big red ones, but i´ll keep em for the future... ;-) you never know what pops to my mind.
maybe they would be cool in the steyr...? i also have the 3.0 engine under dismantling.
the engine will have some parts to be the crank from a 70.4 mm to a 76.4 mm rods will be changed also...and the cylinders are going to be changed from the original 95 mm to "tyre smoking" 100 mm with some JE (high-CR) pistons ;-) so the brake update is more than welcome... these with some 50mm PMO´s, good cams, light flywheel etc... well you get the picture...

keskiviikko 16. joulukuuta 2009

christmass is coming early - part 5

i just got a package from US CHROME...100 mm porsche 911 cylinders, from a 3.6 liter engine.
these, with 76.4 mm crank + rods, will give a 3,6 liter engine. these parts will be found in my 3.0 engine. ;-) - have to buy the 50 mm pmo´s also. so it will be a sleeper 3.0. the cylinders are really beautifull. thanks for us chrome!

keskiviikko 2. joulukuuta 2009

christmas coming early? part 3

more parts coming.... ;-)
heavy metal (101.6 cylinders & pistons), some heads from this red cabrio...(AC 910´s from vw paradise / lauffer bros ... 9,3 s in quarter mile...) some wires with a small computer and then some more...