keskiviikko 29. lokakuuta 2008

ooooh aaahhhh, this looks soooo damn right!

good news, the engine loooks soo sweet, :-)
bad: we have problems with the autocraft 910 welding...

good and bad: the panel van kicks ass, but it started to be a bit slippery,
the weather is getting low + the rain & wind makes the pavement a bit of surprise. :-(
maybe its time to take it cool, and have somekind of a tune up for the van.

maanantai 27. lokakuuta 2008

how many times have you...

taken your kid in a 48 years old panelvan, at 8,30 am (+10° temperature) and headed to the day-care? well JIMI is always happy to be in the van...

2332 cc cruise missile.

damn it looks sweeet, and the bracket for the carb is just great, still missing the distributor, oilfilter...plug wires and thats allmost it?

keskiviikko 22. lokakuuta 2008

turbos, pauter intakes, Karmann Ghia & lots of dreams

just a mock up. a bit big for the 2332cc, n´est pas? :-)
but it would look cool, all you need is a engine between those intakes.
(the carb & other parts is in the box waiting...) far they have to wait...

maanantai 20. lokakuuta 2008

my 2332 cc allmost there...

well still missing froim the engine: MSD Distributor, wires, oilcooler & filter
check out the water outlets through the sheet metal...
not bad. and from the KG: race-BOX, Wheels, SLICKS, CAGE, Electrics etc...allmost all the things... :-)

perjantai 17. lokakuuta 2008

torstai 16. lokakuuta 2008

small things happening...slooooowly

got a MSD vw distributor from "Race Kaide", BIIIIG thanks for that. it will go to the turbo -engine with the 6BTM box,
+ i got the KG wiring Kit, from EBAY / PAUL CAPPEL, states... BIG THANKS!

THINGS are going pretty well with the 2332cc/superflow/kawell engine in KANGASNIEMI, more of that later on. :-)

maanantai 6. lokakuuta 2008


that innovative turbocharger is BIIG, huh, have to open the other boxes too...
i would guess that the tiny 2332cc won´t do much to spin this ;-)

harley news!

i took the sportster frame back to the voodoometal, and it´s time for rebuilding the bike. it has been a long road, i hope to get it inspected before summer 2009. :-)

torstai 2. lokakuuta 2008

2332cc + water + turbo

watercooled heads, with the kawell turbo setup. should be pretty fast. coming to the GHIA