keskiviikko 30. toukokuuta 2012

karmann ghia - the first drive

... its low, its cool, its rad! ... and It works... 
well it needs things to be done, but at least i can drive it.

tiistai 22. toukokuuta 2012

wheels for sale


 wheels for sale. :-) 
cookies, mangels, american racing...

these black cookies are 300 e a set. with tyres.

american racing wheels, 1000 e.

keskiviikko 9. toukokuuta 2012

wants a ghia cabrio?

3 x ghias cabriolets 4 sale. 
One of the most beautifull bodies in the history, a vw that is a good invest, fix it and you have a true classic, forget the bugs, there is plenty of them ...lowered already... Comes with a 1200 - 1600 cc engines, needs work... But not totally rusted. I can also arrange a welder for the rust spots. I have more picks. well now is your chance to get one or ...couple of them, just let me know, 

weedster-ghia, low that it 
chops the heads of the ants...
full interior, 1600 cc engine. 
rag needs a change, but after 44 years of use...
who wouldnt :-)

1600 cc engine.
"Rattimus maximus" 
this one would need a stout stroker, 
and lots of tyre-smoking :-)
...currently located at wagenhaus garage

Houston, we dont have any problems... :-)
TEXAS import, pretty original, 1966 
one year only ghia vert, 
running, with a original 1300 cc engine.
runs really good, 70 mph all day long - 
get temporary plates and drive away.

sunnuntai 6. toukokuuta 2012

Classic motor show - lahti 5.5.2012

great trip! i liked this event very much, 
and i would guess that everyone likes it, plenty of crowd, 
lots of friends, beautifull cars, etc... 

a 1959 cadillac, heh, have to have lots of spare money...

a beutifull hot rod.

a stout street machine

nice white cat...

a stout ´cuda, 


mustangs, allways nice to see...

these i liked when i was smaller, NOW? 
well i like them a LOT!
i have had a vision for these, ;-)
so if you have one, dont tell me.

oooooohhh-aaaahhhh! i would need one.

a viima, bus. pretty ok...

rattitude, wow!

donalds car, a bantam.

those abarths, ...were plenty! 

errrr... whats that?

paruzzi boys - having a meeting ;-)

mikko´s oval vert...

coooool bikes, and lots of them...

cool citroens, :-) 

different strokes for different folks, ;-) 
2cv interior vs, beetle interior...

i also saw my brothers 1948 packard, and that was a awesome car...

enjoy the picks.