lauantai 28. heinäkuuta 2018

doctor, doctor, my exhaust is leaking...

I dont remember that i have taken the engine out of the van....ever.
i saw that the engine has a lightened flywheel.
and some small thing to improve. 
The old header and silencer....well they might need some welding.
we took the engine to Hasse H´s. garage, 
so that the broken header studs could be taken care off.
somehow, hasse got the thing fixed and even the header on its place.
now we need a short oililter, around 7 cm tall.
After this im gonna put some new filters to the carbs 
and the engine will get some service too.

Have to say that this has been the best vw engine ever.
hopefully it will stand 10 years more - of fast driving.

new sidewinder exhaust from :-)

the header needs the cooling tin to be 
cut a little bit - to fit the j-pipes correctly

28 degrees celcius - made this job a bit harder.

got to inspect if this old setup is re-usable...

one engine - fits all. :-)

perjantai 27. heinäkuuta 2018

Long hibernation - is over now.

For the "race-panel" ... first i drove 300 kilometers straight away, without any malfunctions, then to the NT2K-meet, to see other lunatics with a box shaped car. that was a fun meet actually, with lots of old friends, and now some new friends as well. thanks for the ones that made this happening!

tiistai 10. heinäkuuta 2018

right kind of environment

Dodge @ the veikkola "ikea" :-)

the shop owner 

the stance is pretty much correct

Helsinki cruise night 6.7.2018

My intentions were to pick up the pick-up (from the cottage) and drive back to the city for the cruise night...but at the cottage, the dodge didn't idle anymore...i went to talk to my neighbor chevy-guy and he insisted that i wold test his almost new edelbrock carb. As i have allergy a carter 600 in a edelbrock intake, i thought that this should be a easy swap. have to say that I don't have that much of experience with the v8 engines, but that didn't take long. approx one hour...and the dodge was running and driving again and we went to the road...intention was attend the malmi pre cruise party early....but the time was running and we came there a biiiiit tooooo late. well we bought ice-cream with my sweet lili, and then we headed to kauppatori. after a short round in there, we headed to hesburger for a late night snack. It was a great night with Lili. not a lot of picks this time. sorry.

My little bird & a super bird