sunnuntai 2. elokuuta 2015

Ghia updAtes...

Perfect day to cut gaskets to the superflows, and to make so progress to the ghias, the plenums are back in the turbo ghias enginebay, and the gaskets and the silicone hoses are installed with the clamps, looks good and feels better, 
Second thing is to put the turbo header back together, and put the oil line also to the turbo. 

I charged the battery to the baby blue "smurfette" and had to drive it in the gravel-roads for a while, it was fun, but noticed that now the shifter needs adjuStment, and tyre presUre is a bit low, and one rear chock absorber needs attention. 

If i only had working lights, and blinkers, and maybe charging system i would be happy... But i need help from someone for that...but what can i say? Old volkswagens never dies... Even they can look a bit like that

For a while i've been thinking to put weber 48 idf's with manifolds to that black ghia, because it would be a fast solution to get back to the roads, but wheres the fun part in that? I' ll get another combo for those carbs, and for these 40 drla's i have an 1915cc engle 110 combo for a regular driving engine. 
Maybe that can be done in 2015 who knows?