maanantai 31. elokuuta 2009

DragSteyr 55

something "new" in the air. well not so new, this deal has been on its way ...allmost a year now?
you can have your splitwindow bug, schiebedach ovals etc... but i own now 2 of the steyr 55 babys. what will happen to them? hmmm... will see, one will be "schlachtered" and one could be a "driver" ... and special thanks goes to Mikko Heikkila for the long nerves, good contacts, and for the "kick in the butt" messages ;-) ...i can hear the pusrists scream...!

(ok, the calm down them a bit, lets say that the better will come to the streets of helsinki, not in the museum)

sunnuntai 23. elokuuta 2009

harley update - parts for voodoo metal

bought some necessary parts from HOTBIKE, front & rear discs, new chains, offset parts... etc. delivery on monday. ;-)
maybe the v-twin will speak to me in 2009 ;-)

karmann ghia update - trip to kangasniemi

we made a trip to the Kangasniemi "Motor Sport Department"
we checked the engine for the KG, and a bigger one to Mr. Laitinen´s 914 Porsche.
...and of course delivered my KG deluxe interior-package to be istalled and modified to the KG...
and The adapters for the 912-brake conversion looked to be Finished. wow!

keskiviikko 19. elokuuta 2009

porsche 911 - crank visuals

its PRETTY easy to say whats CW crank - n´est pas?
it use to look like that.

actually i called and asked, what happened to my crank, and i wanted it back.
he didnt say why he took the crank away, but mumbled something that it was twisted...
but it sounded so much BS... he said that he can check somekind of crank to me, theres plenty of those old cranks... any ideas what is the price for a 66mm S-crank?

tiistai 18. elokuuta 2009

porsche 911 engine - teardown 3

Ok, this was a sad day...
i dismantled the block to see whats idea was that when
aarnio racing decided to swap my parts from my 68 S-block (without asking me first...)
to a 2.7 block (i didnt know anything of the 2.7 block except it turned and looked otherwise pretty ok to me...) ...i thought from the beginning that the bearing line would be twisted OR there would be something wrong with the bearings...BECAUSE i had my 2520cc screamer running years ago.
and the crank was athe machine shop for inspection, but they said that its in std size allover, and they dont do anything to it, because theres no need.
it was a 66mm porsche 911 S crank. it came in the block with correct S-rods as well...

ok, you get the hint. its not the same crank anymore. the S-crank is turned to a normal crank...

so where the HELL is my S crank? ...i´m getting mad! (and maybe to the police officers...)
hmmmm, i wonder whats the price for those crank´s in std size? any ideas?
oh well, i was partially correct, when i loosened the bolts of the block, the engine started to turn again...let me think...the pistons and cylinders are also gone, there has been so much dirt when the engine was "rebuilded" that could have been making the really deep scratches on the pistons and cylinders. ...well this was the saddest day in my porsche hobby, BTW i originally bought the S-engine in 1988...

to be continued...

sunnuntai 16. elokuuta 2009

porsche 911 engine - teardown 2

ok, getting deeper in to the engine...hmmm, what can i say, looks bad, looks really bad. somekind of grime inside, but the biggest so far is that one cylinder is totally gone, really deep scratches, in the piston and in the cylinder, the others are still on their place.
I would be happy if the shortblock would turn nicely (now) but no, the seize-problem is still deeper ( wrong bearing etc...) i dont know what has been in aarnio racings head, when putting this engine in "shape" :-(

next i will take the block totally apart to see the "big one"

enjoy the picks. :-( at least ...i dont...

perjantai 14. elokuuta 2009

porsche 911 engine - teardown 1

ok, i had to start to take a peek, what went wrong with mister aarnio´s engine re-build. (it took 4 years to get it back)
First, i havent seen any other engine with so many nuts, washers etc in the intake ports, plus so much crap...huh.
i took off 3 heads and discovered lots of ugly looking foam in one cylinder, and some sand/sugar looking chrystals in one cylinder, and whats pretty strange, there was also missing exhaust ...and the main reason is still unclear, why the engine is freezed. :-)

lauantai 8. elokuuta 2009

cruise night - helsinki - 7.8.09

it was a pretty exciting cruise night, first at the krem-a-que, at hietalahti beach...lots of v-dubs, some porsches etc...the baddest of the bunch was jussi jyrankos, bug, with a pretty stout v-8. check out the picks. i was cruising to kaivopuisto park next to that monster, and it really did get some attention. wow. and the best part is that you can really drive one in a normal traffic.
my i phones battery was low so i dont have that much of picks. but with my panel it went like allways, lots of pictures taken, girls posing next to it, tourist asking bout the brakes, and most of the people are asking whats inside of the engine bay.
the kauppatori-market area was loaded with people & cars, but its allways nice to see old friends in there.
and i allmost forgot, theres some strange action, valtteri santala making waves to kotten tallgren. i didnt hear what was the case, but i think kotten won. ;-)

grreat evening - thanks to the Slugs for a nice "kremis"