maanantai 15. heinäkuuta 2013

Karmann ghia update - the best so far!

It is alive!!!! More info, picks, vids .... coming right up!

video from here > start up video <

lauantai 13. heinäkuuta 2013

there´s no ride - like a bus ride!

i drove mikas bus to kangasniemi, and my bus back to helsinki. next stop will be at saukkola. :-)
these two busses are actually been born at the same week, but as you can see the other went to the church at the sundays, and the other ... well mostly to the local bars... :-) they are very much different to drive, the other one is soft and comfortable... and the other is  errr... hard. 
Ok, for the brakes, the nicer "girl" needs similar brakes like the bad "little sister"
and the uglier one could need more uuuumph in its "rear end" :-)

at the pole position theres a relative...
a sychro panel... pretty cool.

 at Kangasniemi, waiting for the bus...
errr...inspection that is...

perjantai 12. heinäkuuta 2013

Size matters? B-B-Bug

Nothing beats cubic centimeters - except "ahtaminennn" = (that means charging) Jyrkis bug stretched its legs, sweared a lot and didn´t even break... i would guess that IN FINLAND this is THE bug to follow... check out the link jyrki´s bug

it´s a piece of art,  with style, no 20.000 usd  flipflop paint,
no hoodride style, no erco´s or centerlines...

 testimonials from a very angry bug...
so whats left then?

... One very happy kid,
and two pretty happy adults... ;-)
boys will be boys, Hell yeah! and amen!

lauantai 6. heinäkuuta 2013

Cruising night - helsinki 2013

when was the last time when you saw a slammed lada?
that looked pretty cool.

mustangs were plenty, and why not, tehy also look great...
except some 80´s models ;-)

Laune family were also there, with the kids.

...didnt see marilyn.. ;-)

cool looking Zykles...

dodge viper ...uuh i like them pretty much...but the sound is a bit odd...

nice (a)SS

heheh, this "barn find" rust fang was a big hit for me!
a car with patina can be prettier than the shiny ones...

like this LOADED Chevy truck, this guy has style!

and this guy has "bad hair day"??? ;-)

34. with timeless attitude!!!

chrysler ghias interior

- a 32 ford -

59 caddy

every brand is "family"at the cruise night

more wicked rods a 30 model?

this was sooo nice... 
a black 34 ford convertible...

what was this? dont know, but it was awesome...!!!
next time ill check it more closely...

a maico scoot, beautifull

a monster racer...