keskiviikko 19. marraskuuta 2014

Devil is in the details

Chromed brm's looks much better, partially painted. But finding correct bolts is hard, bolt-holes are so small ... Gotta get the right ones, then ill be changing the brakeparts, plus update on disc brakes to the front?!

lauantai 15. marraskuuta 2014

My daily driver BUG...

This red rooster is fun to drive, the kids like it, girls also, and its cheap fun.
Before the snow there is still something to do, like change this gt muffler to a original one, mainly to get more heat for the cabin, and to change the right side heater "duck"  to a correctly repaired one, the excisting one is repaired poorly, with a undersize tube, so you will have a smell of gases inside... Not good. Especially when you want to use the heater... I got the spare part from musse habbaba (thanks!) and i got it repaired in kannelmäki's gift to the exhaust-Pipe-people - TIITTANEN... ;-)

Have to admit that the yet unsold kawell turbo kit would suit this 1600 cc engine pretty well, but i like the easy starting etc... The easyness in this bug is simply awesome... I also got an idea that this would be the ultimate donor car to the steyr 55, but to ruin a good working bug... Maybe not.

Some brake update is coming, swapping to 5-130 boltpattern... More picks later...