sunnuntai 20. elokuuta 2017

latest "sluggish" action.

bits and bobs with this blue convertible... tomorrow 
maybe a start-up, and some driving at the cottage.
this time with a stock carb. just to make it easy. 
who knows, all of my convertible ghias might be sold in a week.


if not... then i just have to stick with them. :-)
the dodge is waiting for info of the broken parts. 
do you or your friend have any D100 dodge parts? 
if so let me know. i want to have this inspected pretty soon.
have to get the correct grey wheels under it too... all four!

want to put 19" in a bug? 
i would have some, at least to the rear.

heres some massive BMW wheels, that were also in this dodge.
hmmm, not my cup of tea. but could  fill the wheel wells pretty good?

perjantai 11. elokuuta 2017

cb bubbletop block converion

Well sometimes progresscomes suddenly, like this cb block modification. Mikko Koivisto ( welded some material to my blind cb-block so that i could use 101.6 cylinders, i already have an 86mm crank. looks pretty cool & should be a great base for turbo ghia or a street racer panel van. who knows. but should be more than 2.7 liters of fury.

perjantai 4. elokuuta 2017

In & out & in & out

This little ghia lost it transplant for a fellow vw-pervert, but got its "heart" back, and now its back in its place. with some black paint. got to put everything back and make it run. there goes the spare time.
i think it will get a stock carb this time.