sunnuntai 26. heinäkuuta 2015

Things happen...

Good and bad, 
The bad first: 
1. been in a hospital due to the heart problems, and have to go back for some surgery, but in before that, i ve got to put the plenums back to the turbo-ghia, and light stuff like that.
2. The rothmans racing panel van, has some rust issues, and needs repairs to the steering area too, but i've been getting help from k.tallgren, and i'm happy with that, will be better after this.
3. Everything comes in the worst situation, BUT im used in that. :-)

The good:
1. got the plenums back for the ghia. Yeeha! Mr. Laitinen from kangasniemi got them fixed, and now i can put them back, and bolt many parts back to the ghia. More of that later...
2. Will be getting fuel rails a bit later, but they will be even better than before.
3. The stroker will be great, when i get the missing parts like ida--superflo manifolds & valve covers.
4. I might get a third heart surgery/operation and maybe be in a better shape pretty soon.

tiistai 21. heinäkuuta 2015

The "dark side" ghia...update

A minor one, sadly. But i started to put pieces back and make a small list that i have to get to the engine bay of the black ghia. The hoses are tightly secured and next will be assembly of the exhaust with new gaskets with some sealent, then might be the time for the plenums and the fuel distribution...etc... To be continued.

Will see what happens...

wednesday is full of plans, like getting the ghia cabriolet to sipoo,
for some wiring & maybe other small stuff as well...
there might be for a change some type 3 slamming.
Picks comes later, and if things goes well my panel van
will get its steering sharp as it was from the factory.
 But more of that later on. In mean while
check out the ghias short clip...

Getting in the gear, with the cool ghia

Driving could be much easier with working gears, at least one reverse gear. 
So after many times to try to adjust the old school shifter, i gave up and started to dig up the real problem, i found out that the shift rod had any bushing left, and the joint to the hockey stick was waiting for retirement, ok, i took out the shift rod and the joint, 

After cleaning & oiling the shift rod, i started to put it back, but it wasnt a one hour job, ok, had to buy a magnetic pick up tool also, ... Ok, i got the parts back on, but had to modifie the joint area a bit.

But this thing really helped and now the gears are like they should be, so if you got problems to engage gears, check these areas first.  Now it feels like i could go racing with it. 

Now theres only 99 jobs to do ;-)

perjantai 3. heinäkuuta 2015

Helsinki cruising 7-2015

Helsinki city cruising 2015 or the cruise night, was
full of happy people, great cars, and good weather.
what i missed was full batteries in my iPad & iPhone.
I was using my GoPro, but at least 
you have something to see...

a sharp looking Rustang, you can't beat patina.
i loved it. 

no need for wash, or paint...its all there.

sounded great also...

This mopar, was stuffed with a 735hp / 875nm hemi
check out the vid:

this thing makes my panel van look like a dwarf :-)

Zee datsuns are pretty good looking cars...
i hope to get one later on...

and it don't need an SBC to move, 
a SIX would be enough

this was bad ass, a 55 chevy gasser, liked this a lot!

and it was high!

the horn section was also included

salami mc Queen? heh it different!

more gassers, but this was a bit more shy.

a 34 ford ... its just so beautiful, wow

ok, this is what even silvio berlusconi would want, 
an older escort, ok over 25 years old but 
still looking sharp

and the rear is not sagging at all...

again a ford, and again a 1934 model... 
but its just so beautifull

next time i will take videos...

at the cruise nights theres people from different ages

and different thoughts of whats IN and whats OUT

maybe next time i bring Lili and Jimi altos the cruise..
the kids love those funny looking cars...

...but driving this...its always IN

patina pickups like this is also in my "got to have"
list...but before that i had to park my panel and 
grab some beer and some man-food :-)

...but it was fun, and people were feeling relaxed
thanks helsinki and other petrosexuals. :-)
maybe i will come with a different car next time.