perjantai 22. elokuuta 2008

parting out a numbersmatching porsche?

im going to sell the original recaro´s, and maybe the engine of the PORSCHE, lets see. send me mail if you are interested.

THE SEATS ARE NOW IN EBAY!!! check em out!

one step up, one step down...slooooowly

front and rear windows are on their places, but we were just practising, the trim is still off...i still need a new roof vinyl...and maybe new window seals. i tried to put the new door handles in their places...well they didn´t sit that well...AND ONE NEW HINDE SNAPPED BROKE...well come LAMBODOORS... huh...
the interior panels...well, problems with that also.

ONE COOL THING IS THAT ILL get WELD MAGNUM wheels to the car...

maanantai 4. elokuuta 2008

the result of 4 years "porsche repair"

Jesus, i wasnt that happy to figure out that the 2,4 liter 160 hp rebuildt 2,4 E engine was actually a 2,0 140 hp E engine. the triple webers were actually i 4-barrel weber, and whats the nicest thing...water coming out from the exhaust. GOD damn!
this is a crappy situation. it only took 4 years to fix this car in this situation. the paint is toasted, the brakes are toasted, the battery is gone, ...the engine is something else that it was "sold" to me, speechless. huh. ok time to go and pick up my own parts from the "specialist" and make an engine of those parts.