keskiviikko 10. joulukuuta 2014

The Cranky side of the stroker

I got a call from the machine shop, and the crank was ready, a balanced 84mm old scat crankshaft... Who knows how many turns it has... But its grinded for the porsche bearings 0.75 size :-/
The job was to balance the flywheel and the crank...+ and to get the rotational masses lower... Maybe 2 kilos? Dont know... But hey... It will be a "bussimoottori" which is a lame bus engine... Well a fk8 cam and a low compression ratio... :-) funny thing with the flywheel is that it was taken off... Of my 1960 panel vans original engine, so it is a 6v flywheel with 200mm clutch... So the engine will be easy to put for example in my 6volt 1965 ghia vert... But when the engine is ready to rumble, i might be putting it first to the panel van...