perjantai 1. kesäkuuta 2012

krem-a-que 22 / helsinki cruising night 2012


Freezing weather, 65 km topless in the rain, shorts,
+12 degrees... wheres the sun, the cars and people?
hopefully at home, :-) but thanks for the slugs to make it happen! the bar-be-que was nice!
this time i didn´t take much of pictures, but i had to take couple to show that i really was there! 
the ghia was great, even theres many things that dont work yet, but who gives a rats ass...the stance is correct, and i think it was one of the coolest cars in there. If that´s ok to say?

The Ghia is so low that the exhaust was totalled while 
driving the car from the cottage to the main road...

the gas was stucking, etc... the front axle without the shocks is...
well ...bad... the suspension is too low to the speed bumps... lots of small issues.

at the kauppatori, freezing... saukkola city, heavy rain...

...i was thinking Not to go...but...

 No worries - theres no sugar... ;-)

nice line-up!

i got back to home with a vw bus.

next time taking my bus would be a better idea....