keskiviikko 27. tammikuuta 2010

harley - some picks of the moped.

some parts for sale: risers, disc, big exhaust etc... send me a mail... if interested.

sunnuntai 17. tammikuuta 2010

2010 - hopefully a better one. than 2009

ok, projects projects... should concentrate... but what can you do?
harley and KG would be both cool to have in the streets...but lets see what will end to use...
well with the harley, i have to get nuts and bolts, and some minor things...
the exhaust that was done in voodoo, is not what i ill try first to put the "original one with some mods... + the seat...hmmmm... i paid for a new one...what i got is a used one...
but ebay is full of these... so that will do the trick... more to come...

torstai 14. tammikuuta 2010

2010 - hopefully a good one.

one big thing on my mind has been this one... my chopper sportster.
its been in voodoo metal 3 years... we just picked it up, to get it finished and maybe even to the road again... thanks so much for Jussi Jyranko, who was a biiiig help again.
looks pretty good, a classic semi swedish style chopper... better late than never... :-)
i want to thank also Jussi Halonen from Voodoo metal for the mods, the result is beautiful.
...ok it took 3 years but still the stance is awesome.

sunnuntai 10. tammikuuta 2010

Go BIG - or go home! ;-)

heheh, ...plan for the 2010 ....well, first i´m going to pay loads of bills, then lets see...i would need a flange crank, h-profile rods, oxyboxer block, some heavy studs etc... well many parts and s shit-load of dineros. ;-) rancho they told me that they are starting to build my transmission "this week"...lets see, i´ve heard that story so many times in these years, from the porsche-912-story...and the harley chopper is not better at all... nothing has happened in voodoo metal, only talk. :-(

but i have good set of critical GO-FAST goodies...

happy new year! 2010 & some plans...

havent been that much at the garage, mostly working and babysitting.
but i have checked the front brakes from the 912, but theres some minor grinding/spacer issues...
that has to be taken care of...
Today i was at the country side, to check out things at the was beautifull out there, everything was covered in a thick layer of snow... it was minus 15 degrees, but the twilight brothres panel said...that he´s still alive...ok it didnt start right up. JIMI was really happy.
"paku" (panelvan) is he´s favourite of daddy´s cars.