lauantai 28. huhtikuuta 2012

paruzzi-swap, tervakoski 2012

sorry, not so many pics. :-) i just talked with friends... but seems like there has been lots of people, and cars, and parts... weather was nice but a bit windy. very nice trip with mika ritvos & kids. :-)
and thanks for mikko for the brake "master" cylinder!

maanantai 9. huhtikuuta 2012

ACS 2012 - helsinki

OK, i´ve seen it this year. the American Car Show 2012.
The good, bad & ugly. :-)
if you want to see more picks, click the title.

1. Hell yeah! how many times you see a real rod with winter tyres?
this 32 ford had them, i raise my hat for this, no trailer queens...
maybe some of the vw´s should drive matter if its cloudy...

this Rolls Royce Silver shadow was the show stopper for me, 
wow, absolutely a "bonkers" classic. i love the dare to be different -way!
this builder is the DUDE to watch...

the stance was correct, and the details and everything...
good damn, i want to see more like this...

ok, no show without Jussi´s toys...
this time the lowlight...
its for sale btw... 

many tasty mopars, more of these in the link...

check out the rim size, of this chevy truck. :-)

OK, WTF is this shit? this Honda Club, had 4 pieces
of 80´s crappy rice burners... and why? bone stock
Hondas... think about it, would you pay 25 euros to see this?
whats next? 90´s Honda line up? i hope the FHRA will open their 
eyes and have some kind of sensorship what to show...

ok, some tasty choppers, but not so many than 
there used to be.

the pedal car show was pretty neat, the boys did like ´em. 
ok, this is not a car, but check the link...

anyways, the show was packed with lots of companys that don´t 
belong to ACS, from reindeer skin to some wooden building seller...
over 50% of the show is crap, for me, but there are some good stuff also.
if i was FHRA, i would concentrate to cars, with show quality, race cars, 
cars with attitude or similar back to the roots feeling...pure things, 
and not anymore with this "take the money and run -way"... :-)

sunnuntai 8. huhtikuuta 2012

easter at the cottage.

the spring looks to here! again...for the third time...
i started to operate the ugly ducling again, but looks like 
it needs tougher treatment.
jimi was helping me well... in his way.
i would need a sand blast for the ghia, or a soda blast...
but that too expensive for now. Damn if i only knew 
how to weld sheet metal, this would looks 
much better pretty soon. :-)

nice grills for the head lights...

This thing is loooooow....
and the stance is correct too...

jimi likes the roofless cars....

no, no fuchs wheels in this. :-)

snip snip ...for the wires.
and the ead lights will have the right angle...

wash and go? ...nope.

...story of be continued...

daddys little helper. 

sunnuntai 1. huhtikuuta 2012

trip to kangasniemi :-)

A car loaded with porsche engine + parts, and
 2 dudes, me an Mika Ritvos, went to Kangasniemi (a pretty fast trip this time).
have to make another trip ...pretty soon. :-)
well anyways, i was pretty delighted to see my Black ghia, 
looking so fine and allmost ready.

the weld magnums looks, like million bucks!

the hole in the "lid" didnt look that bad at all. 
actally it looked pretty nice

i can imagine how people will comment this view.

have to  get it to the street somehow @ 2012

looks so nice.

plus the best part is that its not slammed to the ground, 
it has a suspension for street driving.

this little pig just waits for the better days, calmly, 
even there is couple of interested buyers out there.

the wether was so nice that i thought that i could take this home. :-)

needs a wash. and sidewindows, and some smaller parts.

its been a looooong way with this car.
heres actually 4 of my cars, the rothmans racing panel, cab ghia, 
coupe ghia and the 912.