maanantai 9. heinäkuuta 2012

krem-a-que 23 / helsinki cruising night 6.7.2012

let the picks do the talking ;-), but firts the weather was nice and there was many old v-dubs at the site.
feeling was great, but there was a bit of hurry for some people to go away... ok, cruising is for driving the cars, not posing with them ;-) i went to kauppatori with jyrki laune as a co-pilot (in my ghia cabrio), and there i took some picks...

Thanks for isto for the permission to use this pic.

heebas racer-split...

heeba giving a hand... :-)

this used to be my brothers bus in the 80-90`s

still looking very pretty! but i would guess that

mr biese will slam it & do some tricks. 

laune family´s oval

S.Ourilas  stylish patina sleeper

T. Seppala´s 11 sec split next to M. Habbaba´s 911

those rims are so good also under my 912 porsche

ok, at Kauppatori, you will find ecerything...

like The M. Äyräväinen checking up his creation
that he made 20 years ago... this blue billet-split.

right hand drive bus, ...a bit lame for my taste...
but clean & classy anyways...

people & cars

i´ve got a soft spot for Dusters... ;-)

T-birds are also cool as well...

duesenberg replica... :-/

that needs to be driven with a lead-foot!

janne makinen & family...
Janne has a reputation of building clean cars...
...this is the best so far


camaro looking evil...

Hot rods & rat rods. 

maybe i´m more to the rat rods... :-) 

this blue snake bites hard, maybe one day 
...i could have one?

GHIA to the wallet guys?
well this one escaped from triangle motors,
and it was amazingly weird, but cool!

never seen one "live"

this engine was so cool!

and check out the headlights?

yes, it´s a ghia!

challenger & camaro, with modern looks.

did u bring the red vine? this "cat" was awesome!


uuuh aahhhh! thats cool, a 4-door volvo!

got air bags?

was it Jokke hakkarainen that used to 
race this plymouth in the 80´s?
well i dig this layout more.
sounded still wild. meeeee-moooo-riessss...

a ghia vert in helsinki is not a common view, 
but hey, get used to it, they are a plenty now!