sunnuntai 10. toukokuuta 2015

Another great trip - to kangasniemi

Visiting kangasniemi is allways fun, this time we had one goal especially antd that was Picking up the 1960 vw of mika ritvos. But in the same trip, i could pressure wash my 2 blocks, one stock 1600 cc and the other one is a as41 block for a 94 mm bore, align bored and machined for the full flow... Pekka made a oil-line modification, that im not familiar with, but i trust for this super-pro wizard, the other block seems to need an align-bore, and thats what it gets, there will be one 1600cc and one 1915cc long block...later on. Econo-budget ones. ;-)

I had to take a photo of my two "piggies" the 911 and the 912... They are ...well waiting.... :-)

Heres the flywheel side of the modified 94 bore block, this could make a nice engine to one of the convert ghias that i have... Who knows, or for the bug?

The grey haired hippie, is mika ritvos, the owner of the bus behind us.... The other ugly wide-faced guy is me, as you can see im on the drugs, yes i really am, taking pills everyday for the sarchoidosis, that was almost fatal this time.

The cat came also to say hi, but too fast, couldnt get a decent picture ;-)

Washing the blocks, they dont shine, but they are pretty awesome now, next thing will be to wash the cylinders and pistons... And chase the correct bearings... I have cylinder-heads ofcourse, but they are autocraft 910's and angleflows, so they are a bit extreme for these...

I also took the turbo-ghias plenums to get more welds, for the injector-area and for some fuel rails too...

I also had to check my ghia vert, that really seems to like dust & grime, well a wash wouldnt do harm... :-) thanks to pekka for the nice day, coffee and everything. Getting back soon... ;-)

lauantai 2. toukokuuta 2015

19 inch wheels in a bug...

Looks good, but im amazed of the correct fitment of the 235-35-19" wheels with the stock fenders, it fits better in a bug than in the ghia... But needs a bit lowered suspension though, but this wheel is in its space because the fuchs copy has a small hole that empties the tyre in 2 days.

perjantai 1. toukokuuta 2015

19" wheels in a ghia

Got to try how a 19" wheel suit the the ghia body, because the wheels are pretty big for sush a tiny body, but amazingly, the ghia is not so tiny at all, so her it is. The tyre is a 235-35-19
In the pictures where the body seems to higher, the wheel is actually bolted to the drum.
But the drum needs to be modified lightly in the machineshop... To better suit in the old transmission...