torstai 27. lokakuuta 2011

karmann ghia 1960 - the super solid ghia part II.

 My turn to be the "stunt-man mike", 
and to drive the ghia, from the customs, to home. - to saukkola -
and back with the panel van... some 320 kilometers...
the poor ghia, was a bit frozen, and pretty much covered by humidity...
but othervise, after a bit of towing, it started, and run pretty well!
the 1100cc engine, runs like a gazell in the highway, 
70 miles per problem.

the chassis is the best so far that i´ve been driven, 
soft but stiff, goes well in the corners, and silent.
even there some marks of the 51 years of use, i have to say, 
that this ghia is a nice driver, and a beautifull car.
the interior needs a bit of attention, but it will be awesome, 
i´ll give thumbs up for  this one!
the radio didnt work, but there was a barbara streisand 
cassette in the glove box, and some letters too, :-)
heh, one thing that matters is the blinker switch, 

it needs some attention. ...lets see what comes next?

veljekset hämärä - from the darkness to the light!

thanks to my brother arttu, i GOTS lights again!!! woohoo!
and the van starts also from the ignition switch!!!
i was soooo happy, to get help to the electric problems!
the help came from "saukkola city"
... now i can go to the inspection... :-)
well, the master paln is to put a diesel-eberspärscher heater...
it will make a sauna, of the panel, but i really need some heat to the panel.
its getting cold. ...ok ... somewinter tyres will be also handy.

sunnuntai 9. lokakuuta 2011

ghia update - welcome to the the "loonie-land 2"

ok, due to the heavy medication, i get these crazy ideas, :-)
just checking how the big american racing wheels will fir the tiny ghia body.
looks like some cutting will be needed, but why not?
if no one will give this ghia a new home, i can make some crazy mods for this one.
its bad enough to make some cuts, and some road race style look.

you got your time to buy it, now its "hammer-time" ;-)
the rears are 9,5 inch wide and 275mm tyres
fronts are 7x17 and 215 tyres. pretty raw?

...dont worry, i´m not into off roads. this will go to the ground aswell.