tiistai 27. marraskuuta 2012

stroker project - collecting more parts

Thanks to Rob Harris, i got some 94mm modular barrels from USA.
these looks pretty cool, and i hope my future stroker engine will be a bit cooler with these.
now i need some pistons, wiseco´s or mahles or some other good brand.
i still need a block, oxyboxer would be great, have to make a call to kangasniemi motorzentrum ;-)
or dismantle a running 1600 cc engine. if you have a spare stroker block 82x94, let me know.
actually this stroker setup is whispering.... nine-12 .... nine-12 ...nine-12...

well think about this, a 912 porsche with a 82x94-superflow screamer... bigger brakes, 17 inch fuchs-look-a-likes, lowered, but otherwise pretty much stock, would be a great driver... but that needs a long call to kankasniemi. ;-)