sunnuntai 9. lokakuuta 2016

black ghia update

while I'm busy with the brake overhaul (master cylinder change etc...), pekka from Kangasniemi modified a old gas tank, to look pristine, and also for the return line for the E85 fuel. its a beauty. 

small improvements....

that baby blue ghia got couple of wires, and now we have those front lights working so well,  (maybe the HID lights will have to wait for a while...) and as you can see the rear lights have some problems. i would guess that the problems are the grounding... the blinkers are not working for the moment. the wiring of the relay is fixed up someway. and at the rear the grounding is making some bugs. but seems like the blue ghia will be drivable in no time...heheheh. The Stroker engine... well I'm tinkering with the chinese tin, and the fitment aint so good at all. + theres no attachment to the coil & no holes to the throttle cable at all... BEWARE! I´ve been scratching my head, Should i mount the 48 IDAS or The Fuel Injection.... The 48 Isdas would cost 0 euros.but the eco and staff would be around 2000 e... and that old geezer with a cigar is my friend Mikko, great guy!