keskiviikko 18. marraskuuta 2009

christmas coming early? part 2

i got a pair of the famous karpiola race axles, and they really came in time... the problem seems to be that for a small company like karpiola bros, its not so easy to make so many axles that would sell (probably) but they are payed, and at my hands. :-) so whats missing? well...a transmission that can take the punishment? well ...its coming from rancho performance... (rancho seems to be THE transmission shop) :-) check them out...

christmas coming early? part 1

hell yeah! i just got a package from KGPR / jason from..usa. early door handles (absolutely beautiful), door stoppers, pins ... huh ...not that many parts missing anymore... check them out at great service, great prices, and super fast shipment.
this is how everything should work. :-) thanks a million!

perjantai 13. marraskuuta 2009

drag race with a 911 (sort of)

the story goes like that: i bought a vw-porsche bastard, it had a shortened vw pan welded to a real 911 steelbody. then it was converted to a street & strip stormer...with a 2387cc autocraft 910 headed, 50.5 mm ida etc engine... the tranny had rhino case, spool, turbo-engine gears, karpiola axles...we had some passes at the strip and 3 matchraces at the cruise night... i collected the "12-packs" of beer, but unfortunately there was some small bugs in the car, and i sold was fun though... these great shots was taken by MOPOILIJA.

torstai 12. marraskuuta 2009

vesterinen & the band + twilight bros panel

great band, great songs, and the dude with the zz top beard, has a vw van also, its even older than mine...well i have mine registerd though...heheheh... & classy photographer: AJ Savolainen - the magnificent