sunnuntai 7. elokuuta 2011

forssa pick-nick 2011

some picks of interesting cars and other stuff from Forssa pic-nick 2011. it was pretty great, the weather was good, and the little boy was also happy, we were there with veljekset hämärä (twilight brothers in english) rothmans racing vw panel van, and that was the first time to me with a "show car" if i remember it correctly. correct if im wrong. the panel looked to be in the right place in there. in euro park. have to say that the europark didnt make that much of impression, but the rods and customs and especially the muscle cars steals the show. Forssa pick nick is a great show, with a great swap meet. you can find loads of unesessary stuff in there... :-) next time - see you in there! hey the paruzzi clan was also there!

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