maanantai 28. marraskuuta 2011

veljekset hämärä - strikes the karmann!

heheh, ok, this time i got things a bit forward... 
in the "no cuts – no glory" way.
one rear valance got out of the way :-) 
and i tryed the pop-up a bit higher, 
but it needs a bit tweaking, welding and a lot of magic. :-)
it looks promising though... i  also started to lower the rear, 
but the bolts are pretty tought to open, when your 
muscles are 50% of the old ones. ;-( 

i also took one old front light to get the some mock ups, 
and i have some ideas of some smaller details too..
what would look also cool... but that comes later...

have to locate more old school fuel tank cap.
but if nothing will show up, this will do fine.

these fookses, well, will see pretty fast...
 these are the openings that i wanted to try, :-) meow?
hmmmm... what to do with the headlights?
good for me i have a solution in monday. :-)
...hmmmm..more secrets?

torstai 24. marraskuuta 2011

A masterpiece. 911

Thanks for nikke to show me this one, its just so beautiful, wow!
I dont know is this a 3d model or real one, but it sure is a classy one,
Singer has a silver one now that is also really beatifull, 
but this narrowbody, with big wheels is gorgeus!
ok looks like its a scale mode, but a good one. except the mirror.
and some chrome trim, but it looks good though.

maanantai 21. marraskuuta 2011

Darth waders ghia :-)

...just ready for the interior-shop...

...and now, its in the interior shop, 
this will be really prettyyyyyy!

or ...should we call it "urban-turban-ghia" ?

...the doctor evil is lurking out of the engine bay.
i wonder what the inpector will say? 
maybe it needs a layer of some thermo-tec?

ghia cabrio project.

it looks great! have to think a minute though...
of the head lights... to use these, or buy some repair-
panels, and use KG headlights? 

in the rear it doesnt need much, at least, no old style
rear lamps, these are great in here.

a guy with a die grinder and a 
welding equipment is still needed. :-)

here... a M3 bmw "thing" is needed...

and some air ducts...

Duck tail?

looks like at least 150 hp is needed

or more?

 cambers are still "out"

i just love this stance / look now. especially the rear... 

lauantai 19. marraskuuta 2011

the ugly duckling - the ghia that didn´t get ANY love :-)

 ok, no one wanted to buy it, so i had to spoil it!
...the other side is still like before...
this was "U-duckies" first day out,
rolling... with bigger boots on the left legs...

from this (before) ... turn the other cheek...

to a "These boots were made for walking over U"...

...cut some inches of the wheel arches, 
some suspension-drop, flares, big wheels, 
...some other "future tricks" etc... le voilà!

ok, some adjustment needed in here, ;-)
4 the bumper, headlights etc.

now its a FUGLY-DUCKling, with muscles.

tiistai 15. marraskuuta 2011

ghia update - getting the correct stance

ok, low enough - but not too low, wide enough also. 
needs one inch spacers... to get the tyre to the right place. 
now the rear and front is bolted to the drums/discs, 
but due the lack of the arp studs, they are still missing some studs. 
but this is going to look "correct-o-mundo" :-)
Have to admit that this kind of stuff seems to be too much for my health, 
i lack power, and a lot!!!

as well the strenght, i´m totally exhausted... huh. needs to rest

ghia update - getting the BMW M3 looks

dual-bolt pattern, 5-130 mm porsche, and 4,5" mopar bolt pattern, ARP race studs,
pretty long, but looks correct to the this application, i cut some 5 cm of the wheel arches, 
to get more space.  have to get a welder to make it pretty, ;-)
theres gonna be more tricks, when i have to power to carry on.
its getting a bit of BMW M3 looks