sunnuntai 20. joulukuuta 2015

Just do it! some vw action in two days.

my friday was a bit hectic, first a went to see the physiotherapist, and 1.5 hours of things and exercises, i went to inspection with the panel van, and guess what? it finally got its permission to drive, ok its almost x-mas, but its pretty warm and theres no snow. so dig up your cars and start to drive! ok, after this i drove to Kirkkonummi to loan a trailer, and after Kirkkonummi i drove to our cottage to nummi-pusula, to pick up the black turbo ghia, it was raining and getting darker....but anyways, i got the combo to helsinki city, and after the warm cup of coffee and dry shoes, i decided to drive the combo to the, in porvoo, huh. ok i left the ghia to the garage there and headed back to home... the clock was somewhere 10:30 pm, and i was ready for couple of beers. :-)
after this i had a bad feeling with heart, its not happy with this kind of stuff... but thats life. :-)

keskiviikko 16. joulukuuta 2015

waiting for santa

lots of things to do, with ghias, dirt bikes & the panel van.

1. the panel van has suffered from a malfunction in the parking brakes and it hasn't passed the mot yet, and one small electric "bug" has been a pain in ass also....but thanks to Kotten Tallgren, they seem to stay in the history, ...time will tell

this little guy is happy as hell, and why not? if i had this kind of stuff at 8 years old, i would have been too, ;-)