torstai 9. marraskuuta 2017


Had to drive v8 the 66 Dodge Pick-Up, from the cottage to Ojakkala, to my brothers place, so that we can put it on a trailer and head to the Pori City (around 245 km from my apartment). The Dodge had problems to over charge with 16.18 volts... but because it was getting dark, the alternator worked differently. I got around 10 volts... heh. So i had to drive without the lights part of the trip to have some electric to ignite the fuel. :-( i got to my brothers yard, and there it stopped, But it was exciting. that little red express truck goes pretty good. and after the electrical problems has been solved i would expect even more "rapid transit" :-) heck, i don't know the engine size, but in the tittle it is 5.6 liters, but i would guess that its a 5.2. maybe it will be better identified later on.

1. we got to the Pori and left the Dodge to a Mopar enthusiast place to get some treatment...
then we headed to M.Koivisto´s (a professional welder and a race-vw-pervert) garage. some 126 km away.

2. We picked up my 86x101.6 block and other stroker parts...and checked the ultra cool garage and projects that are going on... its always nice to see whats going on and talk to the guys that really know their stuff. Mikko has this race vw with type 1 - 2,8 liters 10 sec engine... that used to be Tomi Seppäläs old street engine. it still looked awesome. this combo is for sale if you have spare money...

3. after this we headed to pietarsaari (some 177 km away) ...there we met a nice vw-guy,
mr. Tom Lundberg.
One of the fellow travelers, Hasse Holmström had difficulties to see in the darkness, because he wanted to buy this vw type-4 variant. heh, some kind of "flintstones 412 model". Ok, this is the bonneville special model - theres no wind resistance, the air flows through the car ...easily. :-)
or maybe this is the crotch cooler maximum model? and this car had to be wrapped, so that the loose parts don't drop... :-) good luck with the project.

4. mr T. Lundberg has a beautiful house with lots of nice old stuff, and loads of old vw´s and who knows, maybe we will go for a third time for coffee and some awesome apple pie.
thanks again. it was a great time with you guys!

5. the wrapped up "condom-wagen" emptied its guts to Isojoki city, and after that ended to a garage in veikkola. huh, i took my parts to helsinki city...and they are still in the car. :-) I'm still a bit tired of the trip... :-)