lauantai 12. marraskuuta 2022

Der Violet ground beetle - project - Sinikiitäjäinen (Carabus violaceus) part7

 It's finally fixed and inspected, Kotten T. helped me with the swing axle boot, gearbox oil, changing the type 3 brake cylinders and the hoses too and Tommy t. helped with finding the brake parts! So now its even better, it flies and stops, and drives like track car. its a great car in many ways. and there's a heater too. Jani from ruuvauspaja did a good job, as the maxxecu mini works like charm. what else? OK, maybe some winter tyres one day? oiling the door locks? putting a mp3 player? cleaning it up? will see. but its great to have a "looker" with a heater and a peppy engine! WBX rules, for now... 

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