sunnuntai 30. elokuuta 2020

2020 - The year of the corona - and some changes too

 This bad year has made me do some changes, like the two cabriolet ghias went to to a happy new owner, ad this because i didn't have the money to make them any better, and to be honest, it didn't feel right anymore. so it got a Plymouth Duster instead. Similar that my dad used to own, a 1970 model, slant six, 3-speed column shifter... what a beauty. Heck i do own only two VW`s now. the panel van and the turbo ghia. two molars, and two porsches. (one audi and one chopper harley.) maybe I'm getting mentally better?

this year has been a rough one as i broke my back too, so lots of painkillers, and nothing i can do. but I'm getting better and hopefully make some updates or video clips - who knows.

torstai 9. toukokuuta 2019

Ghia update 5/2019

not the coolest looking lay-out, but theres a lot of parts in there.

there's not much of space for the air cleaner

one big step with this, i have now a new K&N air filter, 
not an easy task. check out the space ...
the ghia also starts pretty good, but i have to get the tailpipe done.
then i have to bleed the brakes once again. 
but hopefully a test drive - pretty soon.

check out my youtube channel... 

torstai 23. elokuuta 2018

AEM - in da house

The Aeromotive a1000 didn't last that long, so i had to buy a new fuel pump, 
lets see how this will survive?

very fast to assemble, and works right away.
so far so good.

also managed to sell couple of old karmann ghia parts. 
This panel van was the clients van. huh. pretty cool.

tiistai 14. elokuuta 2018

burnout party kiikala 2018

let the pictures talk. one aircooled bug, 
with a 2.4 liter, porsche 911 heads, weber 48 ida
where are he v-dubs? where are the HD´s?
well at least lots of mopars & eurocars with big turbos.

sunnuntai 5. elokuuta 2018

forssa pick-nick 2018

like always, theres a lot to see. 
ratrods, race cars, european cars, USA cars, 
merchandise & sellers...
just be there next year!